Yesterday I went and did Alameda proper. I went to the comic book shop, which moved from the ritzy part of downtown to the more run-down, un-gentrified part of Alameda (where my parents moved in 2002).

(In my town, there is a street called: VERSAILLES STREET. The locals pronounce this as: "Vur-SAYLES.")

There was a sale at the Salvation Army. I got a bunch of big boxy black and white work shirts, and ladies polka dot trousers and a miniskort. I was walking around with this big mass of black and white fabric and I thought of LA POODLEGOTH. Had a burrito at this fake chic restaurant on the main drag, Park St. It was kinda nasty. Yuk!

I went to the mall, formerly Southshore, now reborn as Alameda Town Centre. Really I went to cruise the weirdos and pay a visit to my favorite place:



In high school my friend Elaine worked there and got all kinds of discounts, it was, how do you say... RAD. Anyway they were having a sale on Fiercely Fiona, and I thought it would look good on my toenails.

Um, it looks okay. I guess.
It might need another coat, or something.
Anyway Merry XMAS.

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