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Mercury is Retrograde.
I'm worried about Aretha Franklin. I think she's gonna be okay. I'm listening to Hey Now Hey and thinking good thoughts for her.

Burning Cedarwood incense and also a green candle for good luck, good money luck for a friend of mine. And a little for me too. Lots of burning going on. It's snowing outside.

Saw this cute little bit up on Diane Pernet's blog, courtesy of the always correct Mister Walt Cessna. Walt is such a constant source of inspiration. We took those photos at his house a few weeks ago, and he gave me a pair of prints he did for fashion spreads in the late 90s and so now, I have an art collection. I love them so much. Treasures!

Last Thursday was the most recent installment of Earl Dax' legendary queer arts festival (I feel like that is the word for it), PUSSY FAGGOT. Perfect Little Daniel and I performed as B0DYH1GH during the special East Village Boys happy hour. Special projection videos and original remixtape interlude sets were made by UNNUUNNU. It was such a treat!

Here's a still of the video projections we performed alongside:

and then we went upstairs to the fantastic deck lounge where Liz Liguori snapped this photo:

Cute, huh?

Such a fun night! Penny Arcade MC'ed and was so fucking real and great. As always. Woosh. Also performing was soul sister Lady Ben Rimalower in his show about Patti LuPone. It was fucking great(!). After the performances we went to Lady Rim's house and chitchatted late (but not too late) into the night.

I had the following morning off of work. I went to the gym on Friday morning, the new one near my house. And left in a daze. I passed so many familiar faces and I felt really thankful for my neighborhood. I like that sassy lady who is drunk all day, who stands in the middle of the street, screaming at oncoming traffic, her hair in an impeccable / impossible bun. A guy selling empanadas with a cassette boombox which is playing freestyle. It felt really nice.

Friday night was, of course, the BIRDSONG event, at a new space (knock on wood). It was great! They served white wine sangria which I obviously loved. I read a piece from Kathy Acker's Adult Life of Toulouse Lautrec. We went out to the Judy! party and danced for a bit. Judy is always so much fun. I wish every party, everywhere, was muppet-themed.

Last night I went to go see Jack Ferver's new show Rumble Ghost at PS122. There's a pretty cool review of it in the Times. My friend Christian was in it as well. I thought it was really fantastic. I use that word a lot but it was literally fantastic:
1. Quaint or strange in form, conception, or appearance.
2. a. Unrestrainedly fanciful; extravagant: fantastic hopes.
b. Bizarre, as in form or appearance; strange: fantastic attire; fantastic behavior.
c. Based on or existing only in fantasy; unreal: fantastic ideas about her own superiority.
3. Wonderful or superb; remarkable: a fantastic trip to Europe.

I mean it as wonderful and superb, but also having to do with FANTASY. I thought it was spooky and sweet and sad and funny. Christian is such a great performer, and gives a really good husband vibe. And Ms. Ferver, happens to be making some of the most important work in the world right now. Like, if you think about it, right? Yeah. Kids will study it, I think. (Or they won't? In the future will there be school? Let's talk about it). Anyway I was really impressed. I hadn't seen a show like that in a while. I was really inspired to do some THINKING.

Oh hey speaking of thinking, there's a tiny little essay I wrote up on Dis Magazine: WEAR 2 BED.
Obviously, I'm totally into DIS and you should be too. The photos are by Paul Sepuya. I have been a fan of Paul's work for a while now, so I'm particularly excited. (Speaking of Paul's awesome photographs, check out his new set on East Village Boys).

I have to get back to work on this new story I am finishing in time to read this Friday night, at the record release party for my friend Enid Ellen. It is a release party for her new CD, titled CANNIBAL DISEASE. She is performing with the lovely and talented Greg Potter, and it's at the Wild Project this friday from 7-10pm. So I am working on this new story to have ready to read there. Enid Ellen is a total future legendary child. Maybe she's already legendary. I hope so. She's one of the most spectacular singers and performers I've seen in NYC in a while, and I'm excited to do a show with her. But don't take my word for it:

You can tell that Enid Ellen is real.

Well, I guess I better get back to work.

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