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I mean, not too worried.
I dunno. Just in general. Had a pretty fantastic week, though.

Hung out on Tuesday with the lovely and talented Colin Self. She moved here last September, and has been tearing NYC up! I know of Ms. Self through our mutual guru PASH(ly). And if you can believe it, I had never seen Colin do a show before last weekend! It was, I mean, AMAZING. It made me really excited to know him and be in NYC. You can check out some of his music on his MYSPACE. We have been speaking about doing a show/performance/happening/event together, and I am so excited about it. I think it could be really cool.

Went to this cool new film night, DIRTY LOOKS, on Wednesday night. It is a new night thrown by the adorable Bradford Nordeen. The first night was a collection of some of the work of Curtis Harrington, including an episode of Dynasty which he directed. I was unfamiliar with both Harrington and Dynasty but I really liked what I saw! I'm kind of illiterate when it comes to film. There're a lot of really deep and psychological and fascinating reasons why that is. But the nice thing is that I still have the world of cinema to explore. Like, I basically have seen no great film ever, and sometimes I get excited about seeing all the Great Films. Something to look forward to, eh?

Anyway Dirty Looks was really cute, and I can't wait to see what the next one is.

On Thursday I got these PANTS which I had been obsessing over in my dreams for a long time. Last winter, almost exactly a year ago, I was going through some nasty shit. My tooth was in the midst of being implanted, possibly, I was sort of having a deep existential crisis about my job and my life. And I was having a lot of really difficult emotional drama in my mind. So one night after work I ate some of the pain meds that I got for my tooth surgery and headed uptown to Barney's. It's always kind of an exercise in fantasy, me going to Barney's or uptown or basically anywhere nice. I know I can't have anything in there, and therefore that since I cannot have it that I do not deserve it. And depending on my mood, I can extrapolate that feeling pretty far outwards. Or not. Anyway I remember there were two things that I really fell in love with. This pair of floral printed Marc by Marc jeans, and this pair of diagonal red corduroy Margiela pants. Last summer I found the flower pants on sale, and I thought it was a gift from Goddess. And then last week I found the Margiela pants on sale!

That's my butt!

I mean: I only paid $70 for them. It was such a steal (Steele). I am not talking about buying designer clothes because I want to give the impression of, you know, having a lot of money or placing actual value on material things. I am talking about them because these are two example of fantasizing about something and then getting the thing you really want, deep down. The thing which you sometimes think you might not deserve, because you don't have it. Maybe that thing is a pair of Margiela jeans, or a cool leather jacket to go along with them when the weather gets warmer. Maybe that thing which you don't think you deserve because you don't have it is: a lover. Maybe it is: feeling good about yourself. Maybe it is: being carefree. I'm just talking about how a) The Secret Is Real, Sort Of, and b) You can have whatever you want and I am proof and so are you

And anyhow it's too cold and slushy to actually wear these pants out of the house. Isn't that so fucked up?

Friday night I went with Ptrck to Perfect Little Daniel's house to pre-game before going to Joe's Pub to see Cole Escola's one-woman show. We drank Four Loko, and I don't even know why. It was my stupid idea, and I'm sorry. God. Anyway, Cole's show was FANTASTIC!

He has such a good voice! It was a really fantastic night, and very inspiring to see Cole really go for it. It was directed, of course, by the legendary Ben Rimalower. And they love each other and those songs so much, and that was really apparent in the show. I could tell that they had really worked super hard on it, and it really paid off. The show was a smash hit success and probably the highlight of my weekend. After the show, the boys and my lovely BF went backstage to receive Cole and Ben. While waiting in the wings at Joe's Pub, Mx Justin Vivian Bond came in, looking for v's purse, which v had left backstage. I JUST WANT TO NOTE SOME THINGS HERE: Justin Vivian had this really chic little purse and was wearing the most beautiful pink lipstick. I mentioned it to V and v said that it was Chanel. "It's not exactly in season," V said, "but it cheers people up!"

I think it is always 'in-season' to cheer people up. I complimented Justin Vivian's nails, and v told me the shade was Over The Taupe.

Nice combo, huh? Justin Vivian, I saw when I got home, contributed a really nice piece to the new issue of USELESS (which also features yours truly). You can buy the magazine in digital format HERE. After the show, we all went out in the West Village, but I headed home after not too long. That was really the highlight of the weekend, OTHER than a semi-secret planning meeting with Earl Dax about Pussy Faggot future plans, at Penny Arcade's Magickal Abode, which I can't even GET INTO right now.

I'm listening to the Softies It's Love. I have been listening to it for more than ten years. I still feel the exact same way about it as I did more than ten years ago. I dunno. I feel a weird way about it. I wonder if kids still listen to this record. Probably not. Is that the anxiety of aging? That kids in the future won't do things the same way you did, or do the same things? And that them doing different things makes you feel weird about your own life? is that what it is? There might be more than one thing about aging. I might not even have any idea about aging. I probably won't, for a little while. So much of this record is about communicating in these really weird, old ways. Subtext, writing letters (like actual postal handwritten letters).

Feeling pretty to very anxious and worried. For concrete and not concrete reasons. I guess there's probably not any good reason to stress myself out. Like, I don't know if I can think of any situations in which freaking out and being so anxious and worried will fix the situation. It rarely helps.

Wow. I guess I really have learned something during the last year. I feel like in the last year, 2010, I spent a lot of time agonizing. I guess I am learning how to not do that so much. I am always trying to sort of sloganize and summarize my feelings/situation. And that is really hard and not, actually, probably possible. I just wanna know the pattern so I can know what's up! Geez. So anyway I am trying this thing of accepting things as they are. To a greater or lesser extent. Working. Throwing myself into some new work. Going to put out WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg in a few months. So I'm tying up the loose ends (aherm) and editing. Starting to, anyway. Also thinking a lot about new performance strategies and material. And I am very excited to say that I will debut some (probably) very raw and new performance material, possibly about anxiety and possibly not, at this event on February 13th, with Rumi Missabu from the Cockettes, along with a million other AMAZING PEOPLE.

NOTE: I am only performing on 2/13 at the DUMBO arts center and it is FREE.

And I am scared and excited and need to finish it.


An Element of Task

Do you guys have fun making the show? Backstage? Is there a lot of laughing on the set? It looks like you must just be having the time of your life, doing this show.

"It is fun, yeah. But it’s also work. I mean, it’s weird. It’s like fun work. But there’s also, you know, an element of… task… to it."


Good News for People

I mean: remember how we boycotted Modest Mouse because of the sexual assault allegations? Remember how the Murder City Devils canceled their tour with them because of it? Remember the Murder City Devils? Remember remembering?

Feeling a little bit weird, if I let myself. Sometimes I feel really jealous and competitive and insecure. And I have no doubt that the things which trigger these feelings are not the real source of them. I am aware that I am probably still working out some issues from adolescence or whatever. But at the same time, I'm really ready to be done dealing with this shit! Essentially, I feel like I can never have anything to myself. Like, if I come up with an idea and share it, I can't own it because soon someone else starts doing the same idea. Or I don't feel like sharing. Or I feel like resented for having the idea. It's ridiculous. I think that part of what helps when I feel insecure or feel competitive or jealous or whatever is recognizing that it's just a feeling, and it doesn't necessarily need to have an explanation. I mean: being able to explain it doesn't make it not there. So, you know. Notice. Understand. (Try to).

Had a super duper weird experience over the weekend which I would like to share with you now. Please see if you can follow this. Someone I went on exactly three dates with early last year, we'll call him Cody, sent me a message online. We had not been in touch since very early 2010, because he stopped calling me and I stopped calling him. I was slightly miffed about it, but had bigger fish to fry. Anyway. His message was something to the effect of "Can you please call me? I know we've been out of touch but there is something very important I would like to speak with you about." I was (understandably, I think) mortified of what this could mean, so I called him. (SIDENOTE: we all know what I'm thinking about here, and just FYI I am healthy as a horse/pegasus/unicorn, but I just worried about poor Cody). So I called Cody, and he was totally fine too. Or, not completely fine. He wanted to process with me, about having recently stopped seeing this other guy I know, let's call him Jeremy. And Jeremy broke his heart. I had stopped being friends with Jeremy some time before he dated Cody, for various reasons, whatever. So Cody really wanted to get into it with me. And it was so awkward! I'm not going to talk shit on people I don't know anymore, especially not to each other. You know? So I was trying to be really sweet and really nice and understanding, trying to soothe Cody's ego about how when you get dumped it's just a fact of life, etc. and how maybe Jeremy isn't such a bad guy, but is dealing with his own issues.

And then it dawned on me that, you know: neither of these people are my friends. Why am I putting on the good ol' "Listener Pal Billy Full-On Validation Mode" for this guy? This is not my problem. I tried as politely as I could to get off of the phone and I made myself lunch and I felt a lot better.

I think it was good, though, to extend sympathy to someone I have no conscious sympathy for. And about someone who I in fact have a fair bit of rancor for. It was a good exercise in practicing loving-kindness. But it also made me really aware of the fact that I was being so, so nice and understanding and validating to people I did not care so much about, and it reminded me to extend that much more courtesy to the people in my life who I actually do care about, love, want to be friends with, etc. On one hand, I really pride myself on being a good listener and trying to understand when my friends are upset or whatever. But on the other hand, I sometimes feel really resentful of that process, like I'm just called on to validate other people's feelings, and it's a totally one-sided street. So being aware of how I was spending my energy was interesting to me.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could just be as kind as possible to everyone they knew? Even the people that dumped you three years ago (not that you were really going out but you know what I mean)? Wouldn't it be so rad if, instead of resenting the people you see around town because you secretly fantasize about how their lives must be hollow, you just actually told them that you wish you could be their friend? That totally works. I can tell you. It really actually does. You wanna know how I know?

Because about four years ago La JohnJoseph sent me an e-mail, after having met him once, saying "Let's be friends." and something about holding hands and sharing juice boxes. I wish I could find the exact e-mail, I've been looking for it all morning. Damn. And it totally worked! I fell in love with him.

GOOD NEWS: I'm going back to Berlin this summer to visit JJ! So excited. Details to come but I just booked my trip and I am very happy. Summer cannot come quickly enough.

I had an excellent and romantic evening last night. My sexy boyfriend came over for a slumber party and this morning I got a taro bun for breakfast. And I have had so much coffee. Tonight I'm gonna go see the new Comme des Garçons collections, and go to Printed Matter to get the new issue of USELESS MAGAZINE #10. It is a collection of artists and writers and thinkers responding to the idea of starting from zero, and addressing the last decade. It features such luminaries as Joseph Witt, My Barbarian, Rachel Silveri, K8 Hardy, Terence Koh, Cory Arcangel, Javier Peres, Momus, Steve Lafreniere, Spencer Product, Ari Marcopoulos, Justin Bond, Bruce LaBruce, Max Steele, David EvrittHowe, Adam Baran and many more... And Sega Genesis Porridge is on the cover. Sweet! Then I am gonna go to the gym. And go home and record a rap for the DANDYLIONESS e.p. by my new favorite German ex-pat popstar ALEXANDER.

Then I'm gonna make dinner and go to bed.


Secrets of Successful Individuals

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have it off of work. Last year I didn't. Still thinking, every year since then, about the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. I still maintain that it was kind of fun. Awful fun. In the way that awful things are fun.

Feel like I had a really productive day today. I woke up exxxtra early, went to the gym, did laundry, went grocery shopping. I'm gonna make lunch in a second. I stayed in last night after feeling suddenly very sick in my stomach. Winter doldrums. I just want to sleep. You know? I don't feel bad or sad, but I just... want to go into a cocoon and re-emerge in the spring as whatever the next me is gonna be. That's so lazy, though!

I am working, in my mind, and also in paper a little bit, on a new performance art show. Aren't you excited? I think it's going to be something to the effect of a Kaddish for Television. By Me. Since I am the eldest son of the Media Age.

In the not-too distant future, we won't even have to make performance art or art of any kind, we can just have the idea and then that will be enough. Part of me wishes I could just go back to bed until that point. Wake me up when we get to utopia / the apocalypse / heaven / eden.

I had a sort of stressful week, and I don't know why. Really just from Thursday on. Maybe it was all this stuff about the Zodiac "being wrong". Or maybe that just set it off. Obviously, you should research "sidereal" and "tropical" horoscopes. Nothing has changed. And in fact, this "discovery" of the zodiac is really old, and almost always brought up in a sort of Christian / Theistic context, to "prove" that Pagan beliefs are invalid and wrong. Come on, kids! Anyway, that ticked me off / make me aware that I was already ticked off.

I had also been watching a couple of documentaries on 2012, but I couldn't finish them! Because they keep bumming me out. Like: I know the world is ending, that most of humanity is gonna have to go and that it will not be pretty. This is not news. I get it, okay? I sort of wish that the aliens would hurry up and make it clear that in fact they really are coming back to rescue me, and take me back to my home-planet. I miss it so.

Maybe "stranded alien princess" should be my look for 2011?

I could never wear that look though, because I can't wear stuff like that on my head/face. I know I'll drop it. That's why I can't have nice things: I'm a klutz. Typical blonde! Plus also pearls are (if you think about it) gross, in a "that's not vegan!" way.

Here's a picture of PLD and I taken by Miss Gerry Visco at Pussy Faggot:

I feel like I'm always making scowly faces. Is that true? I wonder.

Had a pretty good "Relaxing" weekend. Friday night we got 4Lokos and drank them at home. Ventured out to a couple of bars but got sleepy and passed out at 1am. Weird! Saturday Cole and his adorable friends form San Francisco Roger and Daniel came over. We ordered burritos and hung out until we all fell asleep too. Again: at 1am. What is wrong with me? I blame the season. Winter sucks, man.

While we're on the topic of Miss Cole Escola, I thought it would be good to remind you that Cole is debuting his new one-woman show at Joe's Pub this month, on January 28th and 29th at 11:30pm.

Go get your fucking tickets, kids.

Yesterday PLD and my BFF BoBo and I hung out in Wburg. We went to About Glamour, which is one of my favorite places in NYC. I got this cute sweater that I feel like looks like Animal from the Muppets:

Not to be a total creep, but Absolute Glamour is one of the best-kept secrets in NYC. They were having this weird "Happy Hour" where sale stuff was an extra 20% off between 3-4pm and during that hour they only play the music of Prince. It's super weird. And the staff that works there is hyper-attentive and made recommendations for me? It was nice and strange and you should go. I ran into the world-famous pop star Brad Walsh as he was leaving. The place is kind of a secret but I have seen him mention it in interviews too. So, you know. Just saying.

Last night I got sick, suddenly. My lovely Boyfriend took me home and we watched I Can Do Bad All By Myself. It was cute, kind of weird. I ate some noodles and passed out fairly early. And today I've been, I dunno. being productive. I'm meeting the BF for dinner later. I might try to see BoBo again. SO much to do. I'm starving, I haven't made lunch yet. I've been listening to Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma and it's so beautiful. It feels very West Coast to me, for some reason. Maybe it's because drugs are legal there?

Wanted to talk about the video I posted last week. I am so glad that people watched it. But I wanted to clarify: it is totally a cover song / reproduction. It's an almost word-for-word rendition of Kathy Acker's 1982 piece "Hello, I'm Erica Jong". I just changed the names. I actually read Acker's piece before I ever read Fear of Flying. But I often think about how Acker might have felt about Erica Jong in 1982. And the proximity those two people had to one another in time / space of culture. And the distance. And how invoking Erica Jong was a kind of really smart and interesting move. And so I've been thinking about that move as a tactic, a strategy, a way of saying something. Maybe a language. Inspired a great deal by the people I see on Tumblr, specifically this person, Mark who blogs under the name FUCK YOUR PRIVILEGE. I find the way that he designates spaces / conversations and uses language and the camera to be really inspiring. Also inspired so much these days by Kathy Acker. As always. Thinking a lot about Kathy Acker, specifically lately because I just saw GREEN EYES by Tennessee Williams, directed by Travis Chamberlain and starring Erin Markey at the Hudson Hotel. Travis directed Erin's brilliant solo show Puppy Love last year, and in a really cool interview about it, Erin says that Kathy Acker is sort of where her taste and Travis' taste overlap. I think that is interesting, and also think that their tastes must overlap in a lot of other places, too. Anyways, Green Eyes was AMAZING. I can't remember a show I liked as much as this. The whole experience of going to the Hotel and being in a small room felt very intimate and exciting and special. I highly recommend that everyone go see this show. It makes me want to make more art. More strong art. And it makes me want to be braver. But don't take my word for it, check out the wonderful review it got in the New Yorker. I am happy to say that the show just got extended, and you can get tickets here. I hope you do.

And, finally, while we're on the topic of TICKETS and things I think are cool and that inspire me, I think everyone should also buy tickets for NICHOLAS GORHAM's upcoming solo show One Drop Passing, at La Mama, on Feb 4th. It is directed by my former imaginary boyfriend Matt Nasser, and will almost certainly blow yr mind. Matt is a wonderful man and very nice and funny. But he is also really dedicated to his work in the theater. And Nicholas is, I mean. Amazing. Google a bitch. He's one of the reasons people in NYC should consider themselves so luck to be here. Tickets to the show are pretty cheap, and you'll have permanent bragging rights afterward.

I'm gonna go make a salad.


Slash Everything Ever.

Wonderful, Magickal Amazing Weekend Slash Life.
Slash everything, ever, I guess.

Thursday night NN, PLD and BF and I went to this new space, Krause Gallery, for an art opening celebrating the 3rd birthday of SPANK MAGAZINE. Can it really have been three years? What a wild ride. The show was great! A real highlight was, of course, some new paintings by Naruki Kukita! Well done!

Coming out soon is the new issue of SPANK:

Great! Gio Black Peter on the cover, lookin positively RELIGIOUS. I wasn't raised a Christian, so my frame of reference for a lot of stuff is kind of missing, but I feel like Gio's work lately, to the extent that it's about religion (or that's how I interpret it anyway) is really inspiring. Kind of makes me think of Sinead O'Connor? I really like Sinead O'Connor. I have a story in the new issue, too. It's "TEAM" the second story I ever wrote for Scorcher, and it's somewhat about Sonic Youth, and I like it a lot. I read that story at the New Museum last October at the event organized by Spank and Mr. Dennis Cooper, who celebrates his birthday today! So I am also excited about this.

After the opening, I made my lover go with me to Uniqlo because I heard that the +J mens stuff was on sale. And it was, I guess. But it was all "Japan Sizes". I dunno. On the way there, we passed by the New Mu, and ran into my original homegirl Jiddy No-No , who said that she was going to be at QxBxRx later that weekend. I came home and sort of slept.

Friday night we went out to a bar on Bedford for a minute, then retired to Lady Rimalower's house, which was great. We were all in a great mood (Me and Lady Rim), because we had just that second both been written up in the NY TIMES ARTICLE ABOUT EARL DAX and felt great. We laughed and sang and listened to a ton of records. We drank some white wine and called it a night fairly early, responsible and well-maintained.

Saturday morning, I made this video:

And then right after I made it, I cleaned my room for the first time in forever. I feel really accomplished. This is, obviously, a cover. I feel like part of being a conceptual artist is not explaining how the magick trick works or whatever, but I also feel like another, different, and perhaps more attractive part of being a conceptual artist is doing exactly that.

AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS: Saturday night, after I made that video up above and cleaned my room was also QxBxRx. It was PACKED! Johnny Darling (who writes a really cool new food blog you should check out) and I were go-go dancing, along with a new boy who's NAME rhymes with his HOMETOWN. This was obviously hilarious. We all hung out chit-chatting backstage and getting tipsy on free drinks and putting on eyeliner and hanging out with the bands and talking about who works at which fashion magazine and whatever.

A friend of mine that night told me that a-nother mutual friend of ours hated me. Just... that this guy (Let's call him Cookie) hates me! He couldn't / wouldn't identify who told him, and this really bums me out, because:
  • a) I thought Cookie and I were cool! I mean, I even named him Cookie (in my imagination)!
  • b) I don't think I did anything to deserve him telling everyone how much he hates me. Not that I'm aware of.
  • c) I don't know if I really need to have that information, in the first place. The information that someone doesn't like me. Or whatever. You know? Do I really need to know that? That enriches my experience in no way.
  • d) I feel like I have some variation of this conversation every couple of months. Like, the negative comment I get sometimes/word on the street is that I'm too self-obsessed. HERE'S THE THING: This complaint is, essentially "you think about yourself when you should, actually, be thinking about me" and not something I can address.
  • e) This is a total moot point anyway because to not like me is just irrational. Obviously. It would be ridiculous to hate me. I am irresistibly likable (see: the video above).
So whatever that bummed me out, but I was soon cheered up because there's always an open bar at QxBxRx, and there were so many of my friends at the show! I saw Sister Pico for the first time since coming back from California, and Jiddy No-No herself was there! She tipped me a dollar. There was this guy heckling me when I was go-go dancing onstage. Kind of pissing me off, but I couldn't tell if I was just being sensitive. I was sort of ready to yell at him? It was gearing up to be a fun night.

But then all the sudden, the cops showed up and the show got shut down. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the venue was immediately closed and we were all sent home. Told by the police to scram, in other words. I won't bore you with the details of what happened, the legalese, but suffice it to say that I had nothing to do with it. Seriously.

My friends had been kicked out before Johnny D and I could get ourselves dressed and out of the club. We walked with Jennifer Gross up to Woody's to go to Ladyfag's LadyFamily LadyGathering. It was super cute! Some guy played a trick on me with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I don't wanna talk about it. We decided to head back to Brooklyn to go to the Metropolitan. On our way up the street, we ran into Gerry Visco and Joey Kipp, who had just come from seeing Ann Liv Young's new show, which is about mermaids, and they loved it! Here's a picture of them from earlier that night:


Metro was fun, hopping. Ran into the QxBxRx boys who were disappointed that their party got shut down by the 5-0, but they are such good boys: they paid us! They paid the go-go boys! Let it not be said that chivalry is dead. You know? Went home again eventually.

Spent most of Sunday resting, honestly. Doing little chores around the house. Eventually my BFF Bobo came over, and we ordered sandwiches and tried on outfits and got ready and then headed out to the Delancey. I am so glad we got there so early, because we had a nice glass of wine in that wonderful rooftop garden and it was a great way to begin the evening.

Sunday, as you know, was the incredibly Earl Dax party PUSSY FAGGOT. I was lucky enough to be asked to organize a reading, FAG CITY. I want to thank anybody reading this who came. I think the reading went just great. HUGE thank yous are owed to Sister Pico, Perfect Little Daniel, Colita and Lola Savitz. I am so amazed to have such wonderful people to ask to do stuff like this. Everyone just killed it.

And the night! Was so much fun! I feel like almost everyone in the whole wide world was there. It was really great and kind of insane. Let's see... what did we see? M. Lamar gave a fantastic, phantasmagorical performance. The proceedings were hosted that evening by the legendary Miss Penny Arcade. Who is, you know, the legend. The One. You Do Not Fuck With Lita Ford. Here's a cute picture of Penny and Miss Gerry Visco:

via Gerry's Flickr.

Also performing was Sherry.

Sherry was definitely on. She interacted quite a bit with the crowd, as one does in a Sherry show. I personally think Ann Liv Young has a very sophisticated thought process behind the Sherry performances. That is what I think. There was some arguing, I felt like, in the crowd during Sherry's performance. No where near as much as I have ever seen, however, before. Sherry sang a bunch of songs, and sounded fantastic! My favorite was "Fireworks" by Katy Perry (I didn't know that was Katy Perry! It's great! Katy Perry! Who knew?). I think maybe the onstage monitors sounded weird to Sherry, she did not finish the song, but I loved it and thought she sounded great and I know I'm not the only one.

There was something of an altercation near the end of Sherry's set and it ended with, well, I'll let Gerry tell you, via Michael Musto's blog. Beyond the actual journalism involved here (there was no poop on Sunday night), I immediately think to myself: "Of course Gerry knows Michael Musto, she's so glamorous." I do not know La Musto but I did once see him at a party when I was really drunk (I sound like such a lush in this blog post-- MONDAYS) and I was super embarassed but I oughtn't to have been, I don't think. Ever about anything.

Anyway. A million more performances at Pussy Faggot! Mike Albo was FANTASTIC! Gio Black Peter sang some new songs, his show was very good. He is so punk rock! He had a really great back-up go-go boy and I think he really nailed it. I can't wait to get his new album. I saw the wonderful TAYISHA BUSAY as well, but then had to turn into a pumpkin and go home.

Congratulations, of course, once again, to the wonderful Earl Dax. He did it again!



God. How unfortunate, my utter lack of organization. All I can say is that at least between my ears, things have been flying by a mile a minute. I guess I need to practice communicating. Who doesn't? I've also been intentionally forgetting some negativity, you know? Trying to make a habit out of this.

Anyways I've got some great news. Here it is: Earl Dax was profiled by the New York Times. It's a really great article, and long overdue. Earl works very hard to help culture as such happen at all in NYC. He does a lot of really hard and often thankless work of organizing, curating and producing events. He's a total hero of mine, and has been since I moved to NYC in 2006. I am very proud to know him, and happy to bask in his glow. I give a nice nihilistic quote in the article, and I am so jazzed that I got to be in that amazing picture with Glenn Marla, Penny Arcade and Earl Dax. Earl is wearing a La JohnJoseph pin in the photo. It's really exciting to feel part of something, and I want to make a point of saying that the Times piece just confirms a hunch, that press or whatever is totally secondary. It feels really exciting to be part of... I dunno. New York City. My own life. 2011. Humanity. I feel like, let's just put everybody on the guest list, you know? No meanies. No competition. Everybody gets into heaven. We all win.

Anyway the article is sort of perfectly-timed, because there will be another edition of Earl's legendary party PUSSY FAGGOT happening in conjunction with the American Realness festival here in NYC this Sunday: AMERICAN PUSSY FAGGOT REALNESS. I am so amazed at the line-up for this: Penny Arcade and Jordan Fox host a full-tilt evening featuring everyone from New York legends Charles Atlas (video), Warhol veteran Taylor Mead and Joey Arias to break out stars of contemporary performance including Jack Ferver, Ann Liv Young and Miguel Gutierrez. But that’s just the beginning! Also confirmed: Mike Albo, Tayisha Busay, Dazzle Dancers, Adam Joseph, M. Lamar, Glenn Marla, Neal Medlyn, Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett, Narcissister, Gio Black Peter, Regina Rocke, Max Steele, Technopia and Geo Wyeth (aka Novice Theory). That's a lot of magick, right?

I will be hosting another edition of this reading series I do sometimes called FAG CITY. I am so excited that I have the following readers joining me:
TOMMY PICO (of Birdsong Micropress and forever my sister)
DANIEL PORTLAND (of Oh, Renoir and lead singer of the hit new gay goth rap band B0DYH1GH)
LAUREN SAVITZ (New York City's newest brightest shining talent. I've seen Lauren read her work at Birdsong readings over the last few years, and I am so excited that she is going to share her amazing wit, words, and wisdom with this new crowd on Sunday night).
Here's a picture of Lauren:

and of course, the headliner will be: COLE ESCOLA. She'll be debuting songs form her upcoming one-woman show. Cole is, of course, eerily amazing to watch, see and behold.
It will be this Sunday night at 8pm at the Delancey in NYC.
$5 off of admission if you RSVP to rsvp@pussyfaggot.net.

But then I am also excited because of tomorrow night, too. I'll be go-go dancing at QXBXRX, NYC's only gay punk party.
(featuring members of Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Against Me! & Bitchin')
(featuring Cristy Road, members of Partyline, Girlcrush & Rude Mechanical Orchestra)
Resident QBR DJs SIR LOINS, GO-KARFF & A.MARTINI spinning a mix of rock, punk, dance, and more.
Rock-n-Roll Go-go Boys!!
FREE BOOZE will be served from 11pm-12am!
152 Ludlow St (between Stanton and Rivington). Doors are at 10pm, 21+, $5 before 12am, $8 after

Makes me nostalgic cause my friend Chuck used to be OBSESSED with the lead singer from Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil. And I miss my friend Chuck a whole lot, almost once a day. R.I.P.

BUT we all keep on living. My boyfriend's picking me up and we're gonna go out to dinner. See you this weekend, world.



Thinking, once again, of slogans for 2011. I think one contender might be "Take It Outside". But I'm not so outdoors-y. Let me think on it for a minute.

I got back to NYC on New Year's Eve, and it was a good time. I came home, ate a sandwich, took a nap, and went with Ptrck and PLD to our friend Lady Rimalower's house. We drank some champagne and talked about our feelings and about the new year. The legendary Erin Markey and the Irish Horse came over, we all had a great laugh.

Here's an amazing new video for "Talking Beasts" by JOSEPH KECKLER.

How fantastic, right? It features (in order of appearence): Andy Toad, Mike Hanf, Dan Bartfield, Glenn Marla, Sequinette, Dennis Rolland, Saori Tsukada, Gerry Visco, Katie Madonna Lee Tyler Stone, Louis Jordan. Written and Directed by Joseph Keckler Director of Photography: Laura Terruso. SOOOO CUTE.