God. How unfortunate, my utter lack of organization. All I can say is that at least between my ears, things have been flying by a mile a minute. I guess I need to practice communicating. Who doesn't? I've also been intentionally forgetting some negativity, you know? Trying to make a habit out of this.

Anyways I've got some great news. Here it is: Earl Dax was profiled by the New York Times. It's a really great article, and long overdue. Earl works very hard to help culture as such happen at all in NYC. He does a lot of really hard and often thankless work of organizing, curating and producing events. He's a total hero of mine, and has been since I moved to NYC in 2006. I am very proud to know him, and happy to bask in his glow. I give a nice nihilistic quote in the article, and I am so jazzed that I got to be in that amazing picture with Glenn Marla, Penny Arcade and Earl Dax. Earl is wearing a La JohnJoseph pin in the photo. It's really exciting to feel part of something, and I want to make a point of saying that the Times piece just confirms a hunch, that press or whatever is totally secondary. It feels really exciting to be part of... I dunno. New York City. My own life. 2011. Humanity. I feel like, let's just put everybody on the guest list, you know? No meanies. No competition. Everybody gets into heaven. We all win.

Anyway the article is sort of perfectly-timed, because there will be another edition of Earl's legendary party PUSSY FAGGOT happening in conjunction with the American Realness festival here in NYC this Sunday: AMERICAN PUSSY FAGGOT REALNESS. I am so amazed at the line-up for this: Penny Arcade and Jordan Fox host a full-tilt evening featuring everyone from New York legends Charles Atlas (video), Warhol veteran Taylor Mead and Joey Arias to break out stars of contemporary performance including Jack Ferver, Ann Liv Young and Miguel Gutierrez. But that’s just the beginning! Also confirmed: Mike Albo, Tayisha Busay, Dazzle Dancers, Adam Joseph, M. Lamar, Glenn Marla, Neal Medlyn, Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett, Narcissister, Gio Black Peter, Regina Rocke, Max Steele, Technopia and Geo Wyeth (aka Novice Theory). That's a lot of magick, right?

I will be hosting another edition of this reading series I do sometimes called FAG CITY. I am so excited that I have the following readers joining me:
TOMMY PICO (of Birdsong Micropress and forever my sister)
DANIEL PORTLAND (of Oh, Renoir and lead singer of the hit new gay goth rap band B0DYH1GH)
LAUREN SAVITZ (New York City's newest brightest shining talent. I've seen Lauren read her work at Birdsong readings over the last few years, and I am so excited that she is going to share her amazing wit, words, and wisdom with this new crowd on Sunday night).
Here's a picture of Lauren:

and of course, the headliner will be: COLE ESCOLA. She'll be debuting songs form her upcoming one-woman show. Cole is, of course, eerily amazing to watch, see and behold.
It will be this Sunday night at 8pm at the Delancey in NYC.
$5 off of admission if you RSVP to rsvp@pussyfaggot.net.

But then I am also excited because of tomorrow night, too. I'll be go-go dancing at QXBXRX, NYC's only gay punk party.
(featuring members of Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, Against Me! & Bitchin')
(featuring Cristy Road, members of Partyline, Girlcrush & Rude Mechanical Orchestra)
Resident QBR DJs SIR LOINS, GO-KARFF & A.MARTINI spinning a mix of rock, punk, dance, and more.
Rock-n-Roll Go-go Boys!!
FREE BOOZE will be served from 11pm-12am!
152 Ludlow St (between Stanton and Rivington). Doors are at 10pm, 21+, $5 before 12am, $8 after

Makes me nostalgic cause my friend Chuck used to be OBSESSED with the lead singer from Jawbreaker/Jets to Brazil. And I miss my friend Chuck a whole lot, almost once a day. R.I.P.

BUT we all keep on living. My boyfriend's picking me up and we're gonna go out to dinner. See you this weekend, world.

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