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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I have it off of work. Last year I didn't. Still thinking, every year since then, about the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. I still maintain that it was kind of fun. Awful fun. In the way that awful things are fun.

Feel like I had a really productive day today. I woke up exxxtra early, went to the gym, did laundry, went grocery shopping. I'm gonna make lunch in a second. I stayed in last night after feeling suddenly very sick in my stomach. Winter doldrums. I just want to sleep. You know? I don't feel bad or sad, but I just... want to go into a cocoon and re-emerge in the spring as whatever the next me is gonna be. That's so lazy, though!

I am working, in my mind, and also in paper a little bit, on a new performance art show. Aren't you excited? I think it's going to be something to the effect of a Kaddish for Television. By Me. Since I am the eldest son of the Media Age.

In the not-too distant future, we won't even have to make performance art or art of any kind, we can just have the idea and then that will be enough. Part of me wishes I could just go back to bed until that point. Wake me up when we get to utopia / the apocalypse / heaven / eden.

I had a sort of stressful week, and I don't know why. Really just from Thursday on. Maybe it was all this stuff about the Zodiac "being wrong". Or maybe that just set it off. Obviously, you should research "sidereal" and "tropical" horoscopes. Nothing has changed. And in fact, this "discovery" of the zodiac is really old, and almost always brought up in a sort of Christian / Theistic context, to "prove" that Pagan beliefs are invalid and wrong. Come on, kids! Anyway, that ticked me off / make me aware that I was already ticked off.

I had also been watching a couple of documentaries on 2012, but I couldn't finish them! Because they keep bumming me out. Like: I know the world is ending, that most of humanity is gonna have to go and that it will not be pretty. This is not news. I get it, okay? I sort of wish that the aliens would hurry up and make it clear that in fact they really are coming back to rescue me, and take me back to my home-planet. I miss it so.

Maybe "stranded alien princess" should be my look for 2011?

I could never wear that look though, because I can't wear stuff like that on my head/face. I know I'll drop it. That's why I can't have nice things: I'm a klutz. Typical blonde! Plus also pearls are (if you think about it) gross, in a "that's not vegan!" way.

Here's a picture of PLD and I taken by Miss Gerry Visco at Pussy Faggot:

I feel like I'm always making scowly faces. Is that true? I wonder.

Had a pretty good "Relaxing" weekend. Friday night we got 4Lokos and drank them at home. Ventured out to a couple of bars but got sleepy and passed out at 1am. Weird! Saturday Cole and his adorable friends form San Francisco Roger and Daniel came over. We ordered burritos and hung out until we all fell asleep too. Again: at 1am. What is wrong with me? I blame the season. Winter sucks, man.

While we're on the topic of Miss Cole Escola, I thought it would be good to remind you that Cole is debuting his new one-woman show at Joe's Pub this month, on January 28th and 29th at 11:30pm.

Go get your fucking tickets, kids.

Yesterday PLD and my BFF BoBo and I hung out in Wburg. We went to About Glamour, which is one of my favorite places in NYC. I got this cute sweater that I feel like looks like Animal from the Muppets:

Not to be a total creep, but Absolute Glamour is one of the best-kept secrets in NYC. They were having this weird "Happy Hour" where sale stuff was an extra 20% off between 3-4pm and during that hour they only play the music of Prince. It's super weird. And the staff that works there is hyper-attentive and made recommendations for me? It was nice and strange and you should go. I ran into the world-famous pop star Brad Walsh as he was leaving. The place is kind of a secret but I have seen him mention it in interviews too. So, you know. Just saying.

Last night I got sick, suddenly. My lovely Boyfriend took me home and we watched I Can Do Bad All By Myself. It was cute, kind of weird. I ate some noodles and passed out fairly early. And today I've been, I dunno. being productive. I'm meeting the BF for dinner later. I might try to see BoBo again. SO much to do. I'm starving, I haven't made lunch yet. I've been listening to Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma and it's so beautiful. It feels very West Coast to me, for some reason. Maybe it's because drugs are legal there?

Wanted to talk about the video I posted last week. I am so glad that people watched it. But I wanted to clarify: it is totally a cover song / reproduction. It's an almost word-for-word rendition of Kathy Acker's 1982 piece "Hello, I'm Erica Jong". I just changed the names. I actually read Acker's piece before I ever read Fear of Flying. But I often think about how Acker might have felt about Erica Jong in 1982. And the proximity those two people had to one another in time / space of culture. And the distance. And how invoking Erica Jong was a kind of really smart and interesting move. And so I've been thinking about that move as a tactic, a strategy, a way of saying something. Maybe a language. Inspired a great deal by the people I see on Tumblr, specifically this person, Mark who blogs under the name FUCK YOUR PRIVILEGE. I find the way that he designates spaces / conversations and uses language and the camera to be really inspiring. Also inspired so much these days by Kathy Acker. As always. Thinking a lot about Kathy Acker, specifically lately because I just saw GREEN EYES by Tennessee Williams, directed by Travis Chamberlain and starring Erin Markey at the Hudson Hotel. Travis directed Erin's brilliant solo show Puppy Love last year, and in a really cool interview about it, Erin says that Kathy Acker is sort of where her taste and Travis' taste overlap. I think that is interesting, and also think that their tastes must overlap in a lot of other places, too. Anyways, Green Eyes was AMAZING. I can't remember a show I liked as much as this. The whole experience of going to the Hotel and being in a small room felt very intimate and exciting and special. I highly recommend that everyone go see this show. It makes me want to make more art. More strong art. And it makes me want to be braver. But don't take my word for it, check out the wonderful review it got in the New Yorker. I am happy to say that the show just got extended, and you can get tickets here. I hope you do.

And, finally, while we're on the topic of TICKETS and things I think are cool and that inspire me, I think everyone should also buy tickets for NICHOLAS GORHAM's upcoming solo show One Drop Passing, at La Mama, on Feb 4th. It is directed by my former imaginary boyfriend Matt Nasser, and will almost certainly blow yr mind. Matt is a wonderful man and very nice and funny. But he is also really dedicated to his work in the theater. And Nicholas is, I mean. Amazing. Google a bitch. He's one of the reasons people in NYC should consider themselves so luck to be here. Tickets to the show are pretty cheap, and you'll have permanent bragging rights afterward.

I'm gonna go make a salad.

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