Slash Everything Ever.

Wonderful, Magickal Amazing Weekend Slash Life.
Slash everything, ever, I guess.

Thursday night NN, PLD and BF and I went to this new space, Krause Gallery, for an art opening celebrating the 3rd birthday of SPANK MAGAZINE. Can it really have been three years? What a wild ride. The show was great! A real highlight was, of course, some new paintings by Naruki Kukita! Well done!

Coming out soon is the new issue of SPANK:

Great! Gio Black Peter on the cover, lookin positively RELIGIOUS. I wasn't raised a Christian, so my frame of reference for a lot of stuff is kind of missing, but I feel like Gio's work lately, to the extent that it's about religion (or that's how I interpret it anyway) is really inspiring. Kind of makes me think of Sinead O'Connor? I really like Sinead O'Connor. I have a story in the new issue, too. It's "TEAM" the second story I ever wrote for Scorcher, and it's somewhat about Sonic Youth, and I like it a lot. I read that story at the New Museum last October at the event organized by Spank and Mr. Dennis Cooper, who celebrates his birthday today! So I am also excited about this.

After the opening, I made my lover go with me to Uniqlo because I heard that the +J mens stuff was on sale. And it was, I guess. But it was all "Japan Sizes". I dunno. On the way there, we passed by the New Mu, and ran into my original homegirl Jiddy No-No , who said that she was going to be at QxBxRx later that weekend. I came home and sort of slept.

Friday night we went out to a bar on Bedford for a minute, then retired to Lady Rimalower's house, which was great. We were all in a great mood (Me and Lady Rim), because we had just that second both been written up in the NY TIMES ARTICLE ABOUT EARL DAX and felt great. We laughed and sang and listened to a ton of records. We drank some white wine and called it a night fairly early, responsible and well-maintained.

Saturday morning, I made this video:

And then right after I made it, I cleaned my room for the first time in forever. I feel really accomplished. This is, obviously, a cover. I feel like part of being a conceptual artist is not explaining how the magick trick works or whatever, but I also feel like another, different, and perhaps more attractive part of being a conceptual artist is doing exactly that.

AAAAAAAAAAAAANYWAYS: Saturday night, after I made that video up above and cleaned my room was also QxBxRx. It was PACKED! Johnny Darling (who writes a really cool new food blog you should check out) and I were go-go dancing, along with a new boy who's NAME rhymes with his HOMETOWN. This was obviously hilarious. We all hung out chit-chatting backstage and getting tipsy on free drinks and putting on eyeliner and hanging out with the bands and talking about who works at which fashion magazine and whatever.

A friend of mine that night told me that a-nother mutual friend of ours hated me. Just... that this guy (Let's call him Cookie) hates me! He couldn't / wouldn't identify who told him, and this really bums me out, because:
  • a) I thought Cookie and I were cool! I mean, I even named him Cookie (in my imagination)!
  • b) I don't think I did anything to deserve him telling everyone how much he hates me. Not that I'm aware of.
  • c) I don't know if I really need to have that information, in the first place. The information that someone doesn't like me. Or whatever. You know? Do I really need to know that? That enriches my experience in no way.
  • d) I feel like I have some variation of this conversation every couple of months. Like, the negative comment I get sometimes/word on the street is that I'm too self-obsessed. HERE'S THE THING: This complaint is, essentially "you think about yourself when you should, actually, be thinking about me" and not something I can address.
  • e) This is a total moot point anyway because to not like me is just irrational. Obviously. It would be ridiculous to hate me. I am irresistibly likable (see: the video above).
So whatever that bummed me out, but I was soon cheered up because there's always an open bar at QxBxRx, and there were so many of my friends at the show! I saw Sister Pico for the first time since coming back from California, and Jiddy No-No herself was there! She tipped me a dollar. There was this guy heckling me when I was go-go dancing onstage. Kind of pissing me off, but I couldn't tell if I was just being sensitive. I was sort of ready to yell at him? It was gearing up to be a fun night.

But then all the sudden, the cops showed up and the show got shut down. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, the venue was immediately closed and we were all sent home. Told by the police to scram, in other words. I won't bore you with the details of what happened, the legalese, but suffice it to say that I had nothing to do with it. Seriously.

My friends had been kicked out before Johnny D and I could get ourselves dressed and out of the club. We walked with Jennifer Gross up to Woody's to go to Ladyfag's LadyFamily LadyGathering. It was super cute! Some guy played a trick on me with a floor-to-ceiling mirror. I don't wanna talk about it. We decided to head back to Brooklyn to go to the Metropolitan. On our way up the street, we ran into Gerry Visco and Joey Kipp, who had just come from seeing Ann Liv Young's new show, which is about mermaids, and they loved it! Here's a picture of them from earlier that night:


Metro was fun, hopping. Ran into the QxBxRx boys who were disappointed that their party got shut down by the 5-0, but they are such good boys: they paid us! They paid the go-go boys! Let it not be said that chivalry is dead. You know? Went home again eventually.

Spent most of Sunday resting, honestly. Doing little chores around the house. Eventually my BFF Bobo came over, and we ordered sandwiches and tried on outfits and got ready and then headed out to the Delancey. I am so glad we got there so early, because we had a nice glass of wine in that wonderful rooftop garden and it was a great way to begin the evening.

Sunday, as you know, was the incredibly Earl Dax party PUSSY FAGGOT. I was lucky enough to be asked to organize a reading, FAG CITY. I want to thank anybody reading this who came. I think the reading went just great. HUGE thank yous are owed to Sister Pico, Perfect Little Daniel, Colita and Lola Savitz. I am so amazed to have such wonderful people to ask to do stuff like this. Everyone just killed it.

And the night! Was so much fun! I feel like almost everyone in the whole wide world was there. It was really great and kind of insane. Let's see... what did we see? M. Lamar gave a fantastic, phantasmagorical performance. The proceedings were hosted that evening by the legendary Miss Penny Arcade. Who is, you know, the legend. The One. You Do Not Fuck With Lita Ford. Here's a cute picture of Penny and Miss Gerry Visco:

via Gerry's Flickr.

Also performing was Sherry.

Sherry was definitely on. She interacted quite a bit with the crowd, as one does in a Sherry show. I personally think Ann Liv Young has a very sophisticated thought process behind the Sherry performances. That is what I think. There was some arguing, I felt like, in the crowd during Sherry's performance. No where near as much as I have ever seen, however, before. Sherry sang a bunch of songs, and sounded fantastic! My favorite was "Fireworks" by Katy Perry (I didn't know that was Katy Perry! It's great! Katy Perry! Who knew?). I think maybe the onstage monitors sounded weird to Sherry, she did not finish the song, but I loved it and thought she sounded great and I know I'm not the only one.

There was something of an altercation near the end of Sherry's set and it ended with, well, I'll let Gerry tell you, via Michael Musto's blog. Beyond the actual journalism involved here (there was no poop on Sunday night), I immediately think to myself: "Of course Gerry knows Michael Musto, she's so glamorous." I do not know La Musto but I did once see him at a party when I was really drunk (I sound like such a lush in this blog post-- MONDAYS) and I was super embarassed but I oughtn't to have been, I don't think. Ever about anything.

Anyway. A million more performances at Pussy Faggot! Mike Albo was FANTASTIC! Gio Black Peter sang some new songs, his show was very good. He is so punk rock! He had a really great back-up go-go boy and I think he really nailed it. I can't wait to get his new album. I saw the wonderful TAYISHA BUSAY as well, but then had to turn into a pumpkin and go home.

Congratulations, of course, once again, to the wonderful Earl Dax. He did it again!

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