Thinking, once again, of slogans for 2011. I think one contender might be "Take It Outside". But I'm not so outdoors-y. Let me think on it for a minute.

I got back to NYC on New Year's Eve, and it was a good time. I came home, ate a sandwich, took a nap, and went with Ptrck and PLD to our friend Lady Rimalower's house. We drank some champagne and talked about our feelings and about the new year. The legendary Erin Markey and the Irish Horse came over, we all had a great laugh.

Here's an amazing new video for "Talking Beasts" by JOSEPH KECKLER.

How fantastic, right? It features (in order of appearence): Andy Toad, Mike Hanf, Dan Bartfield, Glenn Marla, Sequinette, Dennis Rolland, Saori Tsukada, Gerry Visco, Katie Madonna Lee Tyler Stone, Louis Jordan. Written and Directed by Joseph Keckler Director of Photography: Laura Terruso. SOOOO CUTE.

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