Poetry Thin Air

Hi Friends.
Very excited that this video of the interview and readings I did for Poetry Thin Air is now online!

Check it out:

Big thanks to George Spencer for inviting me to be on the show and doing such a thoughtful and nice interview, and also big thanks to the amazing videographer Mitch Corber for making it look nice and uploading it to the internet. Mitch, I later learned after doing the shoot, was a member of the legendary NYC artists collective COLAB along with such luminaries as Kiki Smith, Becky Howland, Jenny Holzer and my beloved Robin Winters. Cool beans!

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gp said...

I loved listening to you read! You're right- the questions were interesting and thoughtful. And your answers were even better. I think you made the poor interviewer fall madly in love with you... or maybe i'm just projecting :).