Stumbled into the nickname of white truffle. I like the idea of calling myself something ugly. Like,
Get a load of these white truffles. Send your pigs into the forest. See if they can dig up some of these. Expensive and dirty. Put me on your dinner plate.

Photo by Walt Cessna. He's really cool and I am so glad I know him. Kind of magickal. Perfect Lil Daniel and I went to do a photoshoot at his apartment on Sunday afternoon. I got some really sweet bodega coffee on the way. Simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures is such an important idea in my life right now. Because right now I feel pretty shitty for various material reasons. Sort of don't want to get into it right away. Feeling so much the power of association, the tremendous weight of social interactions / reactions.

I really want that new Eileen Myles book.

Some nice things going on are that Audrey Marrs, who as you know was in two of my favorite bands ever, Mocket and Bratmobile, won an Oscar. I don't really care about the Oscars but I think Audrey is mass cool, so there's that. Seriously: Audrey was in Bratmobile. She played on the last album. Weird, right? Anyway I didn't see her movie Inside Job yet but I think she's way cool and I'm glad she is getting more awards and stuff.

Gonna go read until I fall asleep.


robert smith said...

after i ran into u at my gym i thought i'd read ure blog to see if u'd go home and blog something cunty :)

rbtsps said...

I never go to listen to Bratmobile too well 'cause of some hounding roosters in '06. But I'm damn'near down w/ them winning an oscar.