On Sunday, I took a walk. I went from my apartment in Bushwick over the bridge into Manhattan and bummed around the Lower East Side, then Soho, then Chelsea, then through Gramercy before taking the train back home. I wanted to be along with my thoughts and try to cheer myself up. And I eventually did, because at some run-down grocery store in the east 20s (I'm not telling you where) and found a six pack of:

I love TaB so much. I mean: I love it enough to have it every once in a while. Thank Goddess it's so hard to find. Saccharin is probably poisonous. We're probably definitely all going to die. I really just like that the slogan is (or was) "A Beautiful Drink For Beautiful People".

I'm just trying to notice when I enjoy something. So sue me.
Feeling shitty but also feel like that could change.


craig-hunter said...
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craig-hunter said...

My boyfriend bought me a Tab before we boarded a bus to DC.

I kinda liked it. If my memory is correct, it tasted a bit like Diet Coke, and I like Diet Coke.

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