This is a video of me reading my story "TEAM" at the New Museum last October. It was part of THEM & Now, an event called "Dennis & the Boys", a night of readings curated by Dennis Cooper and Spank Magazine.

I was so nervous that night, and I think it shows. I was also reading fast because my piece was sort of long and I wanted to make sure I got through it all. This story is in the Spank Three Year Anniversary Issue (#17) and is also in the 2nd/3rd issue of Scorcher (Je M'Aime). And it is also entirely 100% true. It's about hanging out with my friend Cotton in San Francisco. I've been thinking about him a lot lately, and then I came across this video! I don't even know who took it. But thanks to whoever did.

Okay it is raining and it looks awful outside, but I know I've gotta go get out there.

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Chef Green said...

I could not love you more. That was FANTASTIC.