What Leos Talk About When We're Alone Together

Hung out on Sunday with the brilliant and adorable Jiddy aka Julia Norton. It is so weird to think that I have known her since 2003. She has always been a very beautiful young woman, and it’s been a pleasure to know her these many years. She ALWAYS wears eyeliner. It’s totally her signature look. I know that sounds potentially problematic, but look! She totally pulls it off!

Cute, huh? Actually you can only sort of barely tell that she is wearing eye makeup in this picture.

Jiddy did an illustration for the story “JUNGLE” from the last issue of Scorcher. And she is going to do some illustrations for the new issue too. We talked about some ideas on Sunday, and had a nice long walk and mind-to-mind session. Been into this thing about astrology lately.

Oh, FYI, just so you know: Mercury is Retrograde. Deal with it.

Anyway this astrology thing I’ve been into lately is LEO TALK. What do Leos talk about when we are alone together? We talk about the things we have in common. One thing Leos have in common is the pleasure we take having the conversation ABOUT how much pleasure we take in having things in common. It’s not actually just people talking about themselves, it’s most often two people (okay me and another Leo—I know a lot of Leos, Hi Jiddy!) talking about how important it is to understand one another. Like, the thing Leos have in common is the desire for simpatico.

I wish everyone in the whole wide world were a Leo.
But it’s not up to me.

Maybe it’s Mercury or something, but have been battling an occasional case of the bummers, lately, so it’s helpful to play everyone’s favorite game Y’KNOW WHAT I LOVE?

Here are some things I am loving lately:
- This fantastic interview between BILLY CHEER & ALEXANDER over on the Pussy Faggot site.

- The Next Magazine cover feature on Justin Vivian Bond. I think it’s really cool and thoughtful that they are using the correct pronouns for V. It sounds like maybe a small thing, but this is important to me, the communities I would like to exist in, and faith in people (even the buff boys over at Next) that change can happen, is good, etc. Rock on!

- The new YELLE album! Here is a fantastic music video for two tracks off her new record Safari Disco Club.

I once went to a Yelle show. I think it was in, like 2007? Or 2008? She hadn’t really broken in the US yet, and my friend Pash(ly) opened for her at the Knitting Factory and put me on the list. I thought it was so fucking cool and glamorous and exciting to be backstage at the Knitting Factory, helping Pash(ly) do her hair and hang out with her. I had never heard of Yelle, and was worn out from Pash(ly)’s AMAZING performance that night, so I didn’t stay to see Yelle. And I have been kicking myself about it ever since! I want to go see Yelle when she performs in NYC next month but it’s $40. That is hard. Y’KNOW WHAT ELSE I LOVE? is that Pash(ly) is coming to NYC this weekend! I hope she and I can go to the club together.

Hey speaking of this weekend and Y’KNOW WHAT I LOVE? There are two amazing things this weekend to go to:


Brooklyn's premier DIY lit/art/interview zine from a multi-disciplinary arts collective, is celebrating it's 3RD YEAR RUNNING with a PRINT SHOW and SWEET SWEET live MUSIC.Featuring limited edition $20 prints by a glittering group of artists who have contributed to, or who have been interviewed by, BIRDSONG over the past three years:BLANCO - CARA FULMOR - CAT GLENNON - ELIZABETH HIRSCH - J. MORRISON - JULIA NORTON - JOEY PARLETT - DANIELLE ROSA - WILL VARNER - MICHELLE YU.

Plus heart-wrenching, soul-rousing, toe-tapping sets by some serious local shit stirrers:
FRIDAY APRIL 1ST-- Doors at 8pm, bands at 9pm
Brooklyn Fire Proof, 119 Ingraham St @ Porter (Morgan L)
$5 suggested cover, which will go toward the production costs of BIRDSONG 15

Then on Saturday:


QxBxRx (Queers, Beers & Rears) presents:

FORGETTERS (ex-Jawbreaker/Against Me!/Bitchin')

QBR Go-Go Boys!!! Free Booze 10-11pm!!!
Public Assembly, Front Room
70 North 6th St (btwn Wythe & Kent) Williamsburg, Bedford L train
10PM doors, 10-11PM open bar, 21+
$6 before midnight / $8 after

(I will be go-go dancing at this party).
Not gonna let anything get me down.
Or, I’ll let shit get me down but not keep me there.

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