So last week blurred into this surreal stretch of time. It all started seeing Saint Justin Vivian Bond perform at the Bowery Ballroom last Tuesday night. V was amazing, mind-blowing, and beautiful. I loved it. V read one of my favorite poems onstage, “Dogs in Lingerie” by Danielle Willis.

I don’t know how I found out about it, but when I was 13 I had this book and I really loved it. I remember writing about it for a freshman year high school paper, where we got to read whatever poetry we liked. I don’t know why nobody thought to stop me, I guess that’s California. But the book is amazing, Willis is really cool. And I hadn’t thought about her in so long before Justin Vivian brought up her play “The Methedrine Dollhouse”. It pulled the image of the book’s cover out of my memory. It’s great. And Justin Vivian also did a divine cover of “Wishing on a Star” which is such a favorite. Mx J.V. has this really sort of 70s-inspired folk/soul vibe at the show. It was very inspiring. After-party at Von, for the satanic psychedelic lesbian dance party WOAHMONE RISING. Too too much fun.

Wednesday we all piled into a big van to take PUSSY FAGGOT to Philadelphia. What is there I can say about this amazing event? Nothing, really, except that I love Earl Dax so much and was very happy to celebrate his birthday with him. The show was a lot of fun. I think my set sort of sucked. I did a couple grunge songs and told a story about how 4/5 is the anniversary of Kurdt’s suicide as well as Layne Stanley’s death. And I related these to Icarus. And I sand Lydia Lunch’s “Mechanical Flattery”. I wore a blonde wig, to look like Kurdt. It was medium cute. The other performers were AMAZING. Sgt. Sass, Little Victory, Gio Black Peter, the Fancy, Nuclear Family, Needles Jones, the incredible Glenn Marla. It was just too much. We stayed up all night, went out dancing, had really incredible pizza.

The only downside was that while chewing on a sticky ginger candy, I pulled out my filling. Yikes! It totally freaked me out and it did hurt. But then I put some temporary filling in it from the drugstore and I actually feel a lot better. I already had an appointment to get it fixed, but it’s not until next week. Mercury Retrograde. Sucky! What are you going to do. We drove back to NYC in the early morning hours. I didn’t drive—I slept in the van. I slept most of Thursday but then went to the Delancey for the NYC edition of PUSSY FAGGOT. I performed one number, INTIMIDATION.

Photo (and video) by Alex from Primeira Avenida.

Been really into wearing this tank-top onstage. It’s a very old Rei Kawakubo nylon thing. For some reason the tag is under her name (all lowercase) not Comme des Garçons. I imagine that it must be very valuable and therefore is Magick. I do like to perform in it though because it’s sheer and sort of see-through. For a while last year I was wearing it a lot onstage with these black net Tim Hamilton pants because I like the idea of wearing something black and clingy which blocks out the body, but is also see-through and form-fitting and reveals the body. I like an unreliable narrator. You know?

Untitled from primeira avenida on Vimeo.

And when I say “I like” in this case, I obviously mean “I like to be”. Obviously.


Thomas said...

I'm always happy to hear that people did reports on "Dogs" for high school English...I actually got asked to VISIT a high school English class, which I did in the outfit I wore on the cover... and nobody thought to stop me either

Thomas said...

Oh, and I'm not Thomas, I'm Danielle,,,just using his log on...

billycheer@gmail.com said...

DANIELLE! omg plz e-mail me! billycheer@gmail.com

your work is so great and really meant a lot to me. thank you!