Friday night PLD and I got gussied-up (medium-guss, mid-month guss) and went to go see dear heart Cole Escola's solo show at Joe's Pub. Directed by everyone's favorite good-vibe guru and show queen lion tamer Ben Rimalower. Such a treat! We got to sit with thee inimitable Erin Markey and AndrewAndrew, it felt very glamorous. Cole's show was fucking FANTASTIC. He did a bit more conversation between songs, which I personally thought was genius. He's a powerhouse diva in a teenager's nubile body. He's excellent. If you live in NYC, go see his show this Friday night.

Afterward feeling a little overwhelmed, PLD and I sneaked down to a benefit party for the Feminist Press, DJaned by the adorably Satanic WHOAMONE RISING kids, Savannah and Nath-Ann. The Feminist Press just put out the newest Karen Finley book, which kind of changed my life, and they are also publishing Mx. Justin Vivian Bond's memoir, TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels which you can pre-order here. Totally cute jacket quote by Miss Yoko Ono, too.

The world is so connected to itself, and to each other. I guess.

Saturday I was excited and nervous all day for the SCORCHER zine release party, which was at Blackout. DJ PuR Moods and DJ Laura Dern performed, and the hilarious Caroline Contillo wowed the crowd. And I think everybody had a good time. I know I did. I didn't read from the zine or anything. Blackout Bar is really fun, but I just wasn't feeling like I needed to do a reading this time. Go figure. The night was epick and really just so much fucking fun. So thankful for everyone who came out to it. I was really nervous leading up to the event. I didn't go crazy promoting it this time, because I sort of figured that nobody would want to come, that no one would want to read the zine, that no one had any interest. So it was nice to be proven at least a little bit wrong.

And also, the new zine is out! You can buy a copy at BIRDSONG MICROPRESS.

The new issue is titled WHITECHOCOLATESPACEEGG. Obviously after the Liz Phair album, but also named for the response to the Liz Phair album. The title, she said, came to her in a dream. In an interview in Spin in 2005, Courtney Love once said, reacting to the underwhelming response to her own America's Sweetheart, "It’s not exactly whitechocolatespaceegg, fuckers." which is hilarious. The new issue is probably the most fictitious issue yet (but it's still all true). In the past, every issue has had kind of a theme or M.O. The first couple issues, compiled as Je M'Aime, was about developing and experimenting with a new style, a new voice. The next issue, Be Billy, was about identity (the fiction of it). I made a voice and then I killed it. Yay! The last issue, I love you, you little crocodile was about romance, essentially. being sweet.

The new issue is about contending with expectations. Yours and also other peoples'. So therefore it's in keeping with everything I write about which is to say FANTASY. It's a lot about journalism, maybe. There's a response to that one awful article about me in it, so check it out if you want to know what really happened.

Sunday basically I slept. Too much, actually. Then last night PLD and I played a show as B0DYH1GH and then I didn't get enough sleep at all! I will never be able to make this balance work. I feel like I am really wearing myself down.

Good thing I am going upstate with Bobo and Meli Darko this weekend to visit WILDCAT RANCH for what will be the last time in a while, I guess, since Bobo is moving to the West Coast in the Summer.

Everyone is moving. Except me. I'm moving but only on the inside, I think.

All I have to do is get through this week and then go to this rad dance party on Friday night and then go be part of this glamorous photo shoot on Saturday morning and then pack and get in the car. And then relax.

I think it's a lot easier to be nice to other people when you feel good about yourself. And it's a lot easier to feel good about yourself when people are nice to you. This is why we have books and records and movies and plays and paintings and dances and yoga. This is why the bourgeois have such beautifully ornate methods of self-distraction. I'm really into calling things bourgeois, in case you haven't noticed. As a way of addressing and neutralizing some of the guilt I have about being a white American male. I dunno.

I want to end (I am super loopy) by saying how happy I am that today the new record, W, by PLANNINGTOROCK is out. You can buy it HERE.

Planningtorock is definitely my favorite artist in the world right now and a big reason why I am so excited to go to (know about) Berlin next month. And also just excited to even have a language with which to address or process my feelings. Everything is everything. I love this lady and her art makes me feel really happy and present and alive. Highly recommended.

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