One of the things I really liked doing in Berlin was going to Rossman's, the oldest drugstore in Germany. Especially for their weird vitamin supplements, like this one:

Great idea, right? Totally jives with this over idea I'd been having, about a beauty regimen:

You guys I saw the Bush Tetras last night! They were so great. I sort of thought, on the way over, that what if they like have all these younger members and are doing a totally different thing? Like, what if they only wanna play new songs? I guess I would understand (I mean, it's their band) but I would be a little disappointed. Anyway it was all of the original members and they played a really great mix of old and new songs. They began with "Things that go Boom in the Night" and it was just a really fantastic show. I'd like to to take this opportunity to ask anyone reading this to revisit the Bush Tetras and their fantastic song "Too Many Creeps" which is kind of an anthem I've taken to hear about living in NYC:

So Gay Marriage is finally legal in NY State. I guess I can stop being a curmudgeon about it. No really, I am personally really happy and glad if this decision makes queer people here feel less isolated, dehumanized or punished. I hope that the good feelings this brings up will inspire us to work for other oppressed people here in our state, to make a situation in which we all feel safe, valued and accounted for. It's a beautiful day.

I'm going to the gym.

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