Stopwatches called feelings

So thrilled to be in Erin Markey and Cole Escola's new show NIGHT MOTHER, which debuts tonight.

Photo by Amos Mac

And it's also playing next week. I may or may not have a tiny cameo. Some exciting things / thoughts.

There are so many ways to tell time. I should know. I didn’t learn how to tell time when everyone else learned. It became this deeply shameful thing for me, everyone else could read a clock, and I could not. (I’d like to think that this is because of my poor eyesight, which went undiagnosed until I was 22 and remains untreated.)

Although I eventually learned how to tell time, I can also tell you that there are other ways of measuring time, without a watch or a clock or a cell phone.. And I can also let you know that inside of our own bodies are thousands of these clocks, stopwatches, called feelings. One starts and then eventually it ends. Clicks on and then seconds/hours/days/months/years later, it clicks off. Done.

I feel like a clock turned on in December 2006 when I first heard Amy Winehouse sing, and then last Saturday morning it clicked off. And I wasn’t expecting it, but now I’m an adult (I guess). So probably another clock just started up. A new feeling? Trying not to see her death as the harbinger of the Apocalypse, but it’s pretty hard. I’m taking this entirely personally, and I think I’m absolutely right to do so.

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