The World is Full of Toxic Insulation

Right, so. In between complaining to anyone who will listen, and wasting time formulating my next complaint, and playing it over and over in my head (to see how I would like to make it sound), I actually do stuff. Art stuff, I mean.

First, just as a reminder, I put out the new issue of my psychedelic porno poetry zine Scorcher last month, and you can buy a copy from Birdsong Micropress HERE.

But speaking of Art Stuff, I am doing two pretty different but equally exciting shows in NYC in the next week, and I really want you to come!

First is this Saturday!

Saturday, July 16th 7-9pm
De Castellane Gallery
539 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn


In collaboration with Johnny Sagan of Snowy Wilderness, Colin Self is curating a performance series at De Castellane Gallery. This event, FLASH OF THE SPIRIT, featured performance by Colin Self, Max Steele and Susan Ploetz. You may know Susan as the genius behind the performance project PASH(ly), or as the lead singer of PDX’ hottest new band Finesse. She initially put me in touch with Colin many years ago, and is making a rare NYC performance on her way to her European tour. Both Colin and I are huge fans of hers, and have been deeply influenced by her work. (Check out the interview I did with Susan).

I am so excited to be singing some of my songs with these kids. I haven't been doing a ton of Max Steele performances where I do the music I made by myself. I did some shows in Germany and was revitalized! I will be doing some songs on Saturday, by myself. Maybe a little tlaking and dancing around. And this event is EARLY and FREE so I hope you can all come!

Facebook Info HERE

Okay, and then NEXT WEDNESDAY:

Wednesday, July 20th 8-10pm
Participant Inc.
253 East Houston Street NYC

An evening of performance to benefit The Total Styrene Experience — a performance and recycling laboratory.Featuring performances by: STYRENE FANTASTIC (Lizzie Scott in collaboration with Kyli Kleven and Georgia X. Lifsher), KENNIS HAWKINS, MICHAEL MAHALCHICK, RASHAUN MITCHELL and MAX STEELE. Curated by Patricia Milder. Tickets $15 or $10 with donation of Styrofoam.

Facebook Info HERE.
More info about the project THE STYRENE FANTASTIC.

Here's a description from Lizzie: “At the benefit we will sell refreshments, give away art, sell Total Styrene merchandise, and celebrate the alchemy of turning the glut of Styrofoam trash into a source of artistic abundance. This project aims to create a small temporary space for creative generosity and intellectual abundance in resistance to the commercial and institutional models of competition and scarcity that seem to define current art worlds.”

I will be doing a brand new performance artwork about recycling and Styrofoam. I’m excited to share it with you. I don't want to fall into this Trap of Procrastinators, this Trap of Ego Fools, where I talk too too much about a thing before I do it. But, suffice it to say that the thing I am planning on doing will be a continuation of my previous "art work" and will also be freakier and weirder and hopefully more fun and crazier than anything I have ever done before. So please come check it out. I know the event costs money, but I would remind you that there’s a $5 discount if you bring some Styrofoam (and who doesn’t have a little bit lying around the house?). There will be drinks! And an art auction. And I hope you can come.

It occurs to me today (thank you La JJ!) that I ought to arrange to have somebody film this.

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