Every Night With My Famous Friends

I guess when I am in a really bad mood, I feel totally cut off and distinct from everybody else. So I can also use the inverse to prove the opposite. It might be a ‘chicken versus their own egg’ situation (filial piety vis-√†-vis cannibalism). I can’t tell if I am super psyched because my friends are awesome, or if my feeling awesome is enabling me to celebrate my amazing friends. Anyway who cares enough about me.

Not to brag/just to brag, but I am only friends with the most amazing and coolest kids in the world and two of them have these cool things you should check out.

First, it’s no secret that one of the great loves of my life is La JohnJoseph. And furthermore, my favorite singer in the world is the international disco sensation ALEXANDER. You can see a cute interview between Alexander and Billy Cheer on the Pussy Faggot site. But tonight, in Berlin, new issues of the glossy gay weekly Siegess√§ule are being put all over the city, and Alexander is on the cover.

Sexy, no? Alexander wears a Miu Miu tie, Mads Norgaard shirt and Dolce & Gabanna pants.

There’s also of course a very sexy interview in German in the magazine. I am so tickled that right now, all over Berlin, people are going to be walking around and seeing JJ’s face. It makes me very happy.

Next, my love for Jess Paps is well documented. We have, for one thing, the same birthday. I wrote a lil post about how cool she is a while back. I’m just saying I was an early adopter! I wanna be the Vice President of the Paps fanclub! The presidency should probably go to Queen Tommy Pico, her biggest booster.

SIDENOTE: I remember the first show Jess Paps ever played, when we were seniors in college. It was so magickal. She gave a tiny sneak-preview performance in my friend’s dorm room the night before, too. But at the real show she sat on a chair and played acoustic guitar and sang these really fantastic songs and everyone loved it. And we still do.

And we’re not the only ones! Miss Paps has just started a new band called HEAVENS GATE. I saw them play earlier this month and they were fucking great. There are some references I could make to other bands or artists to give you a sense of what they’re like, but I feel like the HEAVENS GATE sound is really new and exciting. Luckily for the whole world, Pitchfork Media has featured HEAVENS GATE’s first single, “Salome” on their site. CHECK IT OUT!

Ok I feel good. Even with the Hurricane coming.

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