Happy 35th Birthday, Madonna

Last Saturday was a full moon.

And I got myself this adorable shirt from the BLACK CdG Store after ogling it forever.

I guess I didn't really learn anything. I did feel pretty crazy. I think I am on the precipice, as always, of some kind of new knowledge. I find myself sometimes just really wishing that something would happen to me to change everything. Like maybe I'll find a sack full of money, or get arrested or something. "Lottery or car crash / or you join a cult".

When we took the photo for Earl Dax' profile in the NY Times, Glenn Marla was talking about how excited he was to turn 27, quoting Penny Arcade, who once said that nothing happened to her before she was 27, and Glenn was excited that his life would start. Penny said that it wasn't that 27 was so great necessarily, it was just that nothing happened to her before she was 27. She hadn't been waiting for something to happen, but it was just that nothing happened and when things did start happening she was 27. I wonder how long I'll live.

Well, so, I'm 27 now. And I guess I'm ready for things to start happening to me. I catch myself in this thought, though, waiting and wishing for something to come along and change me, alter my life-course. That, friends, is theistic thinking. That is the assumption that someone or something is, ultimately, responsible for my life. Right? Like, I don't need to do anything because sooner or later something will happen and I'll just deal with that when it happens. I wonder how old I'll be before things really start happening to me! Fighting the Bad Mood Bus. A Case of the Tuesdays, I guess. I wanna be responsible for my own life. I can't imagine what I'd like to have happen to me. I guess we'll see.

This weekend was super fun. I played a really great show with B0DYH1GH. Some people came! It was actually maybe the best we've ever sounded, outside of the show we did at SPANK so many months ago. Perfect Little Daniel and I are going to put out a mixtape as a way of getting some of our fantastic songs out into the world, along with songs we love. Is that illegal? Moreover, is it okay to be illegal? I think so.

Unrelated: I am performing a couple songs this Saturday night at QuORUM Queer House Field Day Afterparty at Southpaw. It's gonna be big and fun. CHECK IT OUT.


Claire Cramer said...

How the fuck did I lose track of your blog? We don't know each other but I stumbled across it some time last year and it popped back into my radar this morning. Happy birthday! I love your writing, and will be back in NY as soon as I find a job there. <3

Claire Cramer said...

P.S. I totally remember how I found you originally: your piece on New York Tendaberry.