Back 2D Beach

I only went to the beach once this summer. It was just before my birthday, I think it was they very end of July. I went to Jacob Riis, which really was as gay as I had hoped it would be. It was great. Everyone had their own little blanket and their own little cooler of beverages. It was like a gay archipelago. I was in a weird mood. It was sort of this one nanosecond of summer. I was hanging out with Dr. Roy Perez for the last time before he moved to Portland. I hadn't been to the beach in so long. Certainly I don't remember the last time I thought to have cocktails on the beach. It was great. There was one moment, though, that really stuck with me.

This really, really buff guy had been on the blanket behind us, sleeping or sunbathing I couldn't tell, he had dark glasses on. He was just laying around all day, I sort of ignored him. At one point, though, I turned and looked over to where he was, and he was sitting up, sipping form a thermos, and dancing, seated cross-legged, to the Amy Winehouse song "In My Bed". I guess I had never really listened to that song, all the way. It's so smart, and sad, and pretty. And this guy was just... at the beach. Grooving. Dancing really well (as well as you can dance while sitting down). It sort of symbolized everything about the summer for me. Amy died. We listen to records of fake bravery and intimacy. Get drunk off the Sun. Everyone's a little island but put all together.

So anyway. I'm going back to the beach on Sunday. I'm in a Tennessee Williams play which is going to be at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival next week. Dear hearts Erin Markey and Joseph Keckler are in it, which makes it so much fun. Working on the play this last week had been so enjoyable. When I am sad or down or whatever, it's sometimes fun to really throw yourself into a project. Work! (That's why drag queens yell "Work!" at each other, it's to encourage people to not feel sad by throwing themselves into work; to use their muscles lest they lose them). Later, at the end of October, we bring the play to NYC for a few weeks, which will also be fun. But Provincetown! I've never been there! How exciting! We shall see.

Also in the play my character is blond, so I decided to join the proud lineage of blond performers before me by bleaching my hair last night:

By the way, the title of the play I am doing is NOW THE CATS WITH THE JEWELLED CLAWS.

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