Spent the last week in Provincetown, performing in a play. It was pretty great. I'd never been before, and this was a really nice opportunity to go.

On the ferry from Boston.

Joseph and Erin, who are also in the play. Sort of a big reason I did the show is because my friends are in it. We had so much fun! There were these tiny little bottles of wine on the ferry.

We got to our hotel in P-Town pretty late, but not so late that we couldn't go to dinner. We got these kind of nutso cocktails. I don't remember what mine was, I was exhausted, but I know it was blue. There are so few truly blue drinks (or foods). Like name three. Name three that don't include blue M&Ms or blue Skittles. It's hard, right?

Womencrafts. Erin bought me a button there that says "Blessed Be". I bought her one that said "Today Is My Anniversary".

I mean, couldn't you just? It was gorgeous. It was literally this gorgeous.

Cute beach looks.

Sexy-hair Joseph at the pizza slash ice cream parlor.

The hotel had a little patio where I'd eat breakfast, and an outdoor fire-pit where you could sit at night. Kind of a South Beach-inspired look? I don't know.

Tons of adorable P-Town bric-a-brac.

Getting into the local scene.

More lukes.

We did a little hanging out in town. Mostly we just worked on the show. We'd rehearse in the mornings and evenings, and then go look for food or something. The first night, we went out to karaoke. Can you believe that I've never sung at karaoke? Like, really. In my life. Well I let it all go in Provincetown. I sang (in this order): "Pussy Control" by Prince, "Intuition" by Jewel, and "LaLa" by Ashlee Simpson. As I was standing up to go sing the Ashlee song at the end of the night, I bumped my forehead into this wooden beam, really hard. I mean, I still got up there and sang the song and fucking nailed it, but I did injure myself. The crowd, a motley crew of copper and silver foxes, mostly straight, mostly too old to scamper out of the way, really liked our set. A nice man slipped us a $20 to buy us the next round of drinks. Joseph and Erin are like, you know, actual singers, so I imagine that his tip was mostly for them. But still, these old grannies were really digging "Pussy Control". As well they should. It's a fantastic song, and I know all the words.

I still have a little bump on my forehead. Wouldn't it be cool if I had a mild concussion and just didn't realize it? And like it somehow altered my personality (for the better)? Every time we walked through town after that first night (and there's really only one street to walk on in Provincetown), the bouncer at the bar/restaurant where we did karaoke would recognize us and say something nice. It's great, in other words, to be a celebrity.

But on the topic of finding fun things to do in Provincetown, on our last night, look what we found:

Hot tub! We wanted one all week. One of the other adorable actors in the festival invited us over to use it. We had a great time soaking in bubbles and cutting up, before the people at the B&B told us to go to bed, because they were sick of listening in on our conversation. Here is a rough translation of what they were listening to:
Joseph: "When I was in school, in Sex Ed, they had this thing where you could ask a teacher questions anonymously, with a slip of paper. And every week I'd write a question that they never answered."
Max: "What was the question?"
Joseph: "It was about how cats, if a cat gets pregnant by one cat, then gets pregnant by another cat, then the litter of kittens could have two different fathers."
Erin: "Oh, you mean Slutcats."

Evidently not as charming as I'd hoped. This is debatable.

The ferry back to Boston on the last day. Sort of sad to say goodbye to the beach. I often think of the image of the land of the lotus eaters, but this place is for real. I definitely see why it's become such a destination, and we were there in the very much off season.

I'd been pretty bummed out before going. Thinking that, like, my life sucked. That I had peaked already. That I didn't really have any friends, and wasn't smart of cool or making good work. I had connected these feelings to ones I felt as a kid; constantly left out, without any friends at my school. Always having to make up my own fun, and never able to trust that it was real, that I deserved to be happy, etc. So I'd been in a funk.

But then we got to Provincetown, had a cocktail and pricey dinner at 10 at night, slept in amazing hotel beds, right on the beach, to the sound of the ocean. In the morning I woke up to go downstairs for our continental breakfast, and I ran into Penny Arcade in the lobby of the hotel. She was in town for a show herself, which she had done the night before (so bummed I missed it!) Sister Cole and Miss Bridget Everett was also part of this festival. Anyway Erin came down and we hung out with Penny. Also saw Greg Potter and Nath Ann Carrera, who were all staying at the hotel. It seemed perfectly natural that we'd see each other at the hotel, at the time. Erin and Joseph and I hung out all week and made tons of little jokes, and on the ferry ride back to Boston, I felt really happy.

Like, I definitely never ever thought I would wind up in Provincetown, as an actor. I definitely never thought I would have cool friends who were performance artists who liked me and were nice to me and didn't demand things from me or put me down for being queer or freaky. I never in a million years thought I would ever KNOW Penny Arcade, let alone get to be friends with her or hang out. It's totally nuts. My life is a lot better than I had been realizing, lately. I think something about being on the sea for so long (the bay, really, I'll admit it-- but I'm from a bay! I love the bay! The ocean is evil but the bay is benign), really cheered me up. It's such a trip to stare out onto the horizon. It always feels like you're waiting for something to appear. Which is a trick, because usually it's already there, where you are, on the beach.

Came back to work yesterday, and found these which had come in the mail!

Okay and now, I promise, I am done with all diagonally-striped Maison Martin Margiela clothes. I think I have the total look. Y'know how in German there's that word gesamtkunstwerk which means, like, total work of art? They should have a word for total look. Like when there is a total top to toe LUKE happening. Maybe it's the same word or I should study German or something. All stripes. All MMM. All the time.

So I learned some things about myself, also, in Provincetown. Namely that there's no use in waiting and worrying, if you can help it. You can't always. I sometimes definitely need to bug out for a bit. But I think I might be past it. I am ready to get back in the game and do some new things. I'm going to perform with Rumi from the Cockettes on 10/17 at this crazy amazing event with such dear hearts and illustrious performers as Joseph Keckler, Nicholas Gorham, and of course Penny Arcade (I always wanna call her Pennifer). I'm excited to do a show! I'm going to do something new, of course. The last time I performed at one of Rumi's shows, I read a bit from an upcoming piece I'm working on, and this time I think I might read from another one. Maybe.

But first, this Saturday night, I'm go-go dancing at my favorite punk party.

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