So I'm in California.

It's pretty. My first day I went to SF to bum around a bit. Yesterday I visited Telegraph in Berkeley. It was really gorgeous.

That's my kitty, Nora! She's taken to sitting in this big fruit bowl on the dining room table. Such a subtle diva. She kind of blends in with the whirlwind of stuff my family uses the dining room for. A big gray furry lump in the middle of the piles of bills, magazines, newspapers. And then she'll meow and remind you that she is here, too. Hi! I love her.

Saw this in the window of a local photo portrait studio and I liked it. I think it's kind of 'meta'. You know that word, 'meta'? It's not even really a word. (You know Frank Sinatra? He's dead).

Alameda lawn art. I really like that instead of grass, this lawn artist simply laid out a brown carpet as the base for his/her stone lawn art arrangement. Like, carpet? Really? Way to think outside the box.

The other night I went out to dinner with Emma and Mister J., old college chums. It was so nice to see them! They live in a cute little apartment in Berkeley and we caught up and then went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Which I, like, never do. It was great! I love Japanese food. I feel like Japanese food is, in NYC, such a cliche. Like who goes out for sushi? Assholes is who. But in California, people have this weird trip of, like, enjoying their life while they're alive (as opposed to in NYC deferring Earthly existence out of devotion to a religion called "success") so people in California live well and this includes eating well and this included many different cuisines including Japanese.

Yesterday went to San Francisco to hang out with original home girls Cotton and Sam.

Went thrift-store shopping in the Soma. Got delicious and weird Vietnamese snacks.

Hey grrrls

Basil seed water! It totally looks like fish eggs, tho, right? But it's delicious! And weird.
I love to eat slimy things.

This time of year always reminds me how much I love Martha Stewart. The fact that she's so gung-ho about Hallowe'en is really inspiring to me. It makes me wonder what else she might be really gung-ho about, you know? Like what if Martha Stewart is also really into dancing? Or board games? Or light bondage? YOU DON'T KNOW. I love the idea of people having a hidden talent, or a secret fascination with something. Like you'll be talking to a stranger at a party and mention something about, say, cattle ranching, and then the person will get a weird look in their eye and intimate that they're really into cattle ranching, and it will be awkward because you've touched a nerve for this person, and they have this whole other side that you would never have known about if you didn't stumble onto it. Cattle ranching is a dumb example. I just like the photo of Martha as Siouxsie Sioux.

Anyway I'm going to the YMCA with my dad and then I'm gonna go meet up with my friend Grey!

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Anonymous said...

I, too, love the idea of folks' subterranean lives. And I love that you love to eat slimy things.