From Susan Miller:

"Overall, you will be so fortunate to have Mars in Leo all month, and until November 11. This will make you feel sexy and vibrant, and best of all, Mars in Leo will put you back in control again. The past few months may have found you feeling that your support from influential people was slipping, but now you can correct all that, for soon you will be on top of your game again. Keep pushing. You will only have until November 11."

Significant things happen, really strange and elaborate communications take place here on the internet. Sometimes I get asked to advertise things, for money or for some other reasons, and I feel like a real jerk. Because I think "I don't even advertise myself, goddess damn it." And I think that maybe I ought to. (Obviously the concept of the blog). SO if you want to pay me for ads in the blog or give me stuff in exchange for me writing about you, that would be okay now, I guess. Because I want to just catch everybody up on where they can buy the zine I write Scorcher. It's no secret: you can buy it from Birdsong Micropress. Duh.

But I wanted to show some links to things, since I feel like I want to reiterate my right to say a few things about myself. Some commercials!

Here is an interview with me (along with excerpts of me reading) done by Poetry Thin Air (it's kinda long, TV episode length, natch):

Shot by the inimitable and legendary Mich Corber.

Is there a feminine equivalent to the word "natch"? Maybe there doesn't need to be, a sweater will stretch.

And here's a video of me reading at the New Museum last October, opening for Miss Dennise Cooper as part of the THEM & Now series, co-curated by the awesome SPANK Magazine:

That One Time I Had A Highly Choreographed Riot Grrrl Pantomime Reaction To A Dumb Boy:

Notes: a) it's tobacco b) I was in a bad mood that day and c) the guy's band doesn't suck (who am I to judge).

Then, finally, I wanted to re-upload this little gem, WAIT FOR THE DAWN::

Track 4 of 6 on REGULARMOTION's first DVD/Album, GRAPHIC.GLORY. Directed, shot, and edited by Richert Schnorr. Featuring me dancing along with Miriam Levin (who we all love and miss very much).

Okay. Great. Please buy my zines from Tommy. The back issues are really good too. They're all good.

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