So, as you may know, I have been working on a play for the last two months or so. And tonight we begin performances! So if you are in New York and reading this, you are invited to come see this show, so please do.


It's a really awesome project. The play is by Tennessee Williams. Absolutely one of his weirdest pieces. It has a really amazing cast, including the inimitable Michigan Wonders Joseph Keckler and Erin Markey, both of whom I fucking adore, as well as downtown debutante Regina Bartkoff and hubby Charles Shick. Starring are the legendary Mink Stole and Everett Quinton, of John Waters and Theatre of the Ridiculous fame, respectively (among illustrious others). The play is directed by Jonathan Warman, features music by Trystan Trazon and choreography by Liz Piccoli. Lovingly produced by Creative Concepts Productions.

It's a really fun and fucking insanely weird show. A total thrill to be involved in this project. I feel very honored. I hope y'all can make it!

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