Thank You and The Secret

Raining, Pouring. Forgot to note a couple of things.

Best Friend in the Whole World, BOBO sent me a package yesterday. It included this cap, which she knitted for me, which is PERFECT. It sort of matched my hair (or what I would imagine my natural hair color to be), and it arrived at the perfect time. Yesterday was the first really cold day of the year. She also sent me this really cute multicolored polka dot t shirt she got at a thrift store. It's like the perfect package. I miss her so much. She recently moved to Seattle and is working at an Ethiopian restaurant and I want so badly to hop over there to get free food and bug her at work and I just MIGHT DO THAT with no warning. Be warned, Seattle: there can be no warning. Also today she starts GRADUATE SCHOOL to learn how to do Art Therapy. Isn't that rad? Congratulations, Bo! She is maybe my favorite person in the whole world.

Thanks, Bobo!

Also, I found these F/W 2009 BLACK Comme des Garçons shirts for sale online, which is a little surprising, and I am losing it. i want one of these so bad. I just couldn't bring myself to drop the cash on it. If there are any millionaires or even thousandaires ("Hundredaire" is my favorite song by Hey Willpower) reading this, tonight, I want to just let you know that if you want to decide to buy me this shirt, that would be totally okay and I would write some kind of love letter or something about you. I'm down to be sponsored as long as I get to pick what I want. The point is, I am trying to manifest this shirt into my life. I didn't scrape it together to buy one when they were in season at the boutiques, and when MARKET MARKET happened, they only had them in Small and they didn't fit, and I still want one so bad. I feel like them coming up online for sale is totally a sign that they should be mine, right? So I'm using the Secret to imagine that somehow, a size Medium of the yellow dyed plaid will arrive at my doorstep. These are for sale at RSVP Gallery.

"Secret, secret, secret."


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