At one point at this party over the weekend we all got into talking about (what else) Tilda Swinton. How she's like really hip or cool or avant-garde or whatever, but she's also just a very good actress. I think this thing of being hip or cool as not the point of life; just incidental. I've sort of decided/realized that I will never be cool, and I am making my peace with that. This is something that people have to discover over and over again throughout their lives. Maybe it gets easier as you're older and you are marketed to a little bit less. You're not the center of the Universe! You ain't it.

In the old days, when I was a kid, within my lifetime, this would be an obscene question to ask. Is This Ad Relevant To You? How dare you! It would be appalling to discuss the producer-consumer relationship, to call attention to the imagination of the consumer. To wake up the zombie, the seduced, pull the baby pacifiers out of our mouths. Now, they keep us awake. Engaged. Ready.

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