I really cannot believe it’s 2012. I definitely thought the world would end this year. I guess it still might! There’s still time. Don’t worry—you can still worry.

I am still trying to come up with a slogan/theme for 2012. One idea, I had, initially, as a theme/slogan, was ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I've been thinking about that song "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" because I watched the video for the Taylor Dayne cover version on New Year's Eve before going out. I like the way that ENUFF IS ENUFF seems to imply two things:

a) Don't stop 'til you get enough.
b) What even is enough, anyway?

Like on one hand, "I'll tell you when I've had enough" and at the same time the creeping suspision that there is no such thing as enough, really. There is no certainty. Everyone is, deep-down, insatiable. Is that even true? These are the questions of 2012. So I've been running this new slogan over and over in my head, ENUFF IS ENUFF. And then I found:

Obviously, right? The thing is, this phrase must have been buried in my subconscious, because I totally have this book and totally love it. Though, for the life of me, I can't find it at the moment, which really upsets me. Maybe I checked it out from the library (unlikely)? Maybe I lent it to a friend (also unlikely)? Anyway this book is full of helpful advice on How to Live. Two of the really choice bits of advice that have stuck with me are: don't do anything (the book recommends not even getting out of bed) and also asking people for things, like money (because sometimes, the book notes, you actually just get it, when you ask for something, sometimes, people just give it to you). It helped me through a difficult period in my life. And I wish I could find it again! So, again, 2012: Enuff is Enuff.

I had the best New Year’s Eve EVER. Except for maybe last year’s? 2011 was a year of really deep beautiful hangs, among other things. A lot of really amazing parties. I’ve been racking my brains for HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 or BEST MOMENTS / FAVORITE THINGS, and every time I start I get exhausted immediately. What a year! Some highlights have definitely been, say, at the Monkey Island party when the cops busted open the party, and I thought they were strippers for the Birthday Boy, and kept motioning to the Cop/Strippers that they could cut me in the bathroom line if they wanted. They didn’t want to. But remember how we all had to evacuate the party, and then come back? That was a fun night. Until a lady in a very fancy dress, sitting across from me, smoking silently, turned to me and said: “Let’s play ‘How Old Do You Think I Am?”’ That was a fun time.

I think one of my favorite memories of 2011 (if not the most favorite) would be when I was visiting Berlin and my homegirl La JohnJoseph and I met up with Vaginal Crème Davis for breakfast. It was such a magickal morning, and we had a great gab session afterward, which luckily was recorded for posterity’s sake! Check it out:

So many highlights. And here's to more! I feel very thankful and happy at the New Year's time. yes I do.

I recently went to Uniqlo and the girl at the cash register asked me if I was in a hurry (I was probably grumbling and whipping my bag around).
“No,” I said. Realizing that I was being kind of rude. “I’m sorry. How’re you?”
“I’m good.” She said. “How’re you?”
“I’m good. Happy New Year.”
“Happy New Year to you too. Did you enjoy your New Year’s Eve?”
“I did.” I said, realizing how hoarse my voice sounded. “Did you?”
“I did not.” She said, looking sad.
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Yeah, well, it happens.”
“Well,” I offered, “I’m glad New Year’s is over, anyway. I’m glad we got that behind us.”
“Right?” she said, “Me too. It’s January, it’s a new year, a new start, you know? And we gotta get to it.”
She looked at me very solemnly, through her colored contact lenses.
“Because, you know, we might die this year.”
I nodded and said “Mm-hmm.” In the way you do when you have just been waiting for someone to make that point. I didn't want to spoil the moment by noting that, while, yes, we could all die this year, that doesn't make 2012 different from other years in the past. We could always all die. That's always been within the realm of possibility.
The girl behind the counter was ringing up my pants (which were on sale). "You never know. We might not all be here tomorrow, so we have to live for today."
I said, "I like that attitude!" then realized how corny and possibly condescending 'attitude' sounded, and said "I mean, I like that philosophy."
The girl smiled and handed me my bag. When I got outside I looked at the receipt and saw that even though the pants had been on sale, she added her own employee discount, knocking another $20 off the price of the pants.
See? I feel like this is proof of something. We're all gonna die. Give me those pants. Enough is enough.

Yesterday I had a very productive day. I went to the gym, I cleaned my room, I got a massage in Chinatown for super duper cheap, I went to band practice for B0DYH1GH, I came home did laundry and cooked dinner and watched The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, which was fantastic (and is on Netflix). I got a lot done! I feel good.

B0DYH1GH is, as you know, performing this Saturday 1/7/12 at AMERICAN PUSSY FAGGOT REALNESS:

Such a great line-up, right? I'm excited for pretty much everybody on the bill, especially Lady Miss Kier! Oh wow.

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