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The time when I miss the West Coast the most is during winter, which I guess isn't happening in New York this year (thank goodness) or when one of my friends moves to Los Angeles, which a lot of them seem do be doing. However, I just found out about this tour going up and down the west coast, which looks amazing and makes me wish I was there.

Bradford Nordeen's DIRTY LOOKS is going to the west coast next weekend and if you are in San Fracnisco, Portland, or Los Angeles, then you should go check it out. You can see the full tour dates HERE.

One very special evening is 2/12 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco (good old home town). Here is the description:

//Sunday, February 12, 2PM FEMALE TROUBLE, a Genderfuck Program as part of the series Bros Before Hos: Masculinity and its Discontents.

FEMALE TROUBLE is a program that explores & explodes normative roles of femininity and gender. With work that spans five decades, these artists queer female subject space via drag tactics, narrative juxtaposition and overt performativity, with styles ranging from masquerade (Ventur's Mario Montez Screen Test) to mythic (Steven Arnold's Messages, Messages), performance document (Narcissister's Every Woman) to exposé video zine (via Vaginal Davis' Fertile La Toyah Jackson video magazine). Featuring works by Steven Arnold, Rick Castro, Vaginal Davis, Zackary Drucker, Matthias Müller, Narcissister, Patti Podesta and Conrad Ventur. @ YBCA 701 Mission Street (at 3rd), $8

If you are in town, you should go!

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