So, I don't normally like to use this blog as a way of drumming up support or funding for projects, but my friends had a house fire at their apartment on Monday, and they are in dire straits. They've lost all of their possessions, as well as their housing. One of their dogs died in the fire, their other dog and their cat are currently in oxygen tanks at the vet, and their third room mate who is my very close friend is still in critical condition at the hospital. These are three of the nicest, sweetest kids I know, and I would really appreciate it if anyone reading this could support them in any way possible (even just getting the word out to your friends).

You can see more background info about the situation HERE.

If you are in NYC, we are having a benefit for them at Heather's Bar next Wednesday night, which you can see info for HERE.

If you are in Los Angeles, there will be a benefit there this Friday, which you can read about HERE.

Finally, they've set up an online donation page through Fundly where you can send them money. Please donate and spread the word. Their Fundly page is HERE.

I am completely upset by this horrible news, and want to do anything I can to support them. Please check out the links above. Their friends will be coordinating donations of food/clothing/living supplies (men and womens, they're small so anything is helpful) in NYC. Money helps. Support helps.


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