I wrote the entry below two days ago morning. I got some pretty upsetting news while I was writing it, and I just wanted to throw it out there for posterity's sake, backdated, and post what's actually up now.
Monday 1/9/12
Well hello. Thinking a lot this morning about ENERGY because I DON'T HAVE VERY MUCH OF IT.

Ai Weiwei and Rei Kawakubo

My energy comes from coffee. Also, this:

MISS HONEY! I do feel more energetic. I've been fighting this cold since I got back from California last week. It might not even be a real cold. Just, something. I've been congested and sort of the misery spectrum for a while now. I guess I can't really complain, though, because I've done basically nothing to help myself recover and have had altogether too much fun on the weekends.

And today my sinuses hurt and I feel pretty gross. Also, the heat at my apartment was out last night and this morning. And also also, the heat at my office is out today. So this is not making me feel super great either, but there's literally nowhere else to go. Am I dying? (Short answer; no. Long answer: yes.)

Saturday B0DYH1GH performed at Earl Dax' legendary PUSSY FAGGOT party. it was really wonderful to be on a bill with so many (so many) talented artists and friends. I got to cheer on my buddies Dan Fishback, Joseph Keckler, Raul DeNieves, Gio Black Peter, Balls to the Wall, Colin Self, the list goes on and on.

B0DYH1GH's own set went, I think, really fucking well. I think people could hear the songs, and that they really went with us on our journey. We had nice looks. The mythtape is out and everybody loves it (it's a hit! see previous post for download info). I was really glad so many of our official B0DYH1GH fan club came out to see us perform. It's really nice to have support.

But let's be real, the undisputed highlight of Saturday night was the fact that Lady Miss Kier performed. She had been billed as bringing a DJ set, but surprised the rabid crowd by singing more than a few numbers. New ones, old ones, a few Deee-Lite hits, and some exxtra-groovy dance moves.

Here we are in the backstage before the show:


I met Kier when I moved to NYC in 2006, and though I have seen her do DJ sets a few times (you can check out her awesome mixtapes on her website), but I had never seen her sing live before. It. Was. Amazing. Lady Kier is absolutely a New York City legend, and it was a distinct honor to see her perform. The crowd went nuts when she started belting. She sounded amazing.

She also DJ-ed so many really awesome songs, including this oft-overlooked gem from Left-Eye's solo album:

Here's a nice group shot backstage:

(L-R: Colin Self, Mykki Blanco, Jesse Gold, Moi, Lady Miss Kier, DJ Designer Imposter, Perfect Little Daniel)

I mean can you believe it? I can't/couldn't.

Backstage video by Mykki, who I got to meet for the first time on Saturday! Obviously Ms. Blanco is a huge deal these days, getting much well-deserved press. I first fell in love with her when I saw this video of her reading her poem, "The Jane Hotel".

So wonderful, right? A banner night, by far. My ears were ringing and ringing and ringing. At one point in the night, LMK did play my song "Come On Billy" (which is also sort of where I got the name Billy Cheer from FYI) and called me up on stage to sing it. it was. Mind blowing. I can't even process it. I went home thrilled. Keckler and PLD and I got sandwiches at Hana Food after demurring from the after after after party, as you do (when you want a delicious Hana sandwich).

At that deli, Hana, every sandwich has a ridiculous, sometimes totally offensive name. The sandwich I always get (and got twice last weekend) is called STILL A VIRGIN.

Sunday I stopped by Envoy Enterprises for the closing of the exhibit for Micki Pellerano's new book of drawings, REVELATION.


The online photos only give an impression of the drawings. They're huge, and really intricate, and gorgeous. The show just came down, but the book is still available from Envoy's site. At the reception they were serving absinthe, which was nice, always. I got to see Jaime who just started working at the gallery, and whom I hold very dear. A nice relaxed Sunday.

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