I'm sick. It feels like I have a cold. Or maybe bad allergies. But I'm not allergic to anything! I took some cold medication (which I NEVER do) last night, and again this morning, and I still feel awful. My first thought was that I wish I knew some doctors, or witches (or witch-doctors) to fix me.

My second thought was, I bet somebody put a hex on me and made me sick. Maybe I hexed myself. Could be. Made me think of this song by Judy White:

Which of course makes me think of Babes in Toyland's "He's My Thing"

I first heard "Somebody Been Messin'" on a mixtape cassette of the same name, which Calvin Johnson used to sell on tour. It's a compilation of a bunch of lady soul singers. It's really great. And hey, look, someone put it online for you to download. Thanks!

Anyway, yeah. I'm sick. I'm sick and I have no internet. I feel like such a baby. I am really loathe to ever call in sick, to anything. It's much more in my nature to just show up for things, sick, and complain a lot. In an ideal world, I show up sick, complain, get a lot of sympathy, and then make a miraculous recovery and everyone congratulates me. For a long time, at various jobs in the past, I would never, ever call in sick (I sort of wasn't allowed to) and I was miserable and resentful. So, now, I'm not wasting my life anymore. I'm sick. I need to be in my bedroom drinking a fuck-ton of lukewarm water and lemon and ginger and garlic. Lots of disgusting things I need to do to myself today.

Despite feeling sick I had a pretty good weekend though!

Friday night I went to go see Sinead O'Connor perform. I was kind of indecisive about going but I decided at the last minute, despite feeling kind of under the weather, to go for it. I was so glad I did!

Like many people, I got into Sinead O'Connor in college. Which is nuts, in a way. I should've gotten into her much earlier. I saw a video of a show of hers on a flight to California during college, and it changed my life. I had never really listened to her music, and I had no idea how weird and intense she was. And, I don't know, happy, in a way.

I remember driving around Yonkers going to thrift stores with the Duchess and Mr. J, and we were looking for parking (it was snowy and industrial ugly in Yonkers) and Mr. J wanted to keep driving around because we were listening to "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" and she wanted to hear "Jump In The River". I love that song.

Anyway. Sinead. For a lot of people of my generation an older, Sinead was one of the first women with shaved heads that we had ever seen. I don't know how to talk about this in a way that doesn't betray my age. Sinead is iconic. And she is a great performer. I felt like I was in church or something. I ran into my good old buddy Johnny Darling at the show. He and I run into each other so often at Mature Rock Diva shows. It's great.

After the show we high-tailed it back to Brooklyn and I went to bed. It wasn't even midnight. Oy.
Saturday I got up really early and went to the gym, came home to take a nap. Used the wireless internet at a cafe near my house, took another nap. Cooked lunch. Nap. I knew I was getting sick. I'm not just discovering this in hindsight. I was flagging. I chugged one of the lovely complimentary 5-Hour Energy shots I got last week and went to the Jane Hotel to celebrate James and Juhneefuh's Birthday.

I love them so!

It was a nice little affair. The Jane is so swanky. I miss living with Juhneefuh so much, you guys. And having James as a neighbor. They used to have their joint birthday parties at our house. Those were the days. Being 24 and worrying, worrying that we'd never find a reliable drug dealer. And now I am a grown up and we go to little parties in hotel lobbies. I would never in a million years imagine this would be my life. I say this a lot lately, but I'm mostly just admitting it more and more. The hotel had very expensive and delicious drinks, and I had two. And I was exhausted. At, like,  11 we went back to  Brooklyn. I had a dumb beer at the Metropolitan and looked at exactly zero cute people. Zzzs. Did spot Miss Hedwig herself in a Bourough Jaunt, and good college chum John Michael, which was nice. So sleepy! Ate a sandwich and read the new Murakami in bed. Okay.

Sunday I got up early, again, played video games and drank an insane amount of coffee, then got dressed up to go meet Jiddy for our Museum Friend Date. I wore this new BLACK Comme des Garçons t-shirt dress that I got last week from their new collection.

It's my new favorite thing in the world. It's like a dress, and like a t-shirt. And I really like the BLACK line. They have a new sub-line, called, as you may be able to guess "BLACK BLACK". This shirt, although it says "black black" is actually just from the BLACK line. Keep up! I do think that the whole thing of "Black Black" or Kawakubo's claim that she works with "four shades of black" is really adorable, and hilarious. And I think: is it a translation thing? It might be. Anyway. I love this and I am wearing it all the time so now you know what I look like.

Met up with Jiddy No-No. Gorgeous as always! We went uptown to the Met. Here she is showing me around the American wing.

It's nice, but it's no Jane Hotel.

And here's a cute photo of Jiddy with the Starbuck's Mermaid.


I almost never go to the Met.

It reminded me of that Bongwater song "Obscene and Pornographic Art"

Which I was never super into, as a song, until I saw Ana Matronic do this fantastic drag number with that song, at this show at Deitch Projects Long Island City which I played, sort of. It was a nuts night! Anyway this song about getting turned on by art at the Met. I mean: hello! genius.

After the Met Jiddy and I went to MoMA to see the new Cindy Sherman exhibit. It was really great! I love Cindy Sherman obviously. The exhibition seemed maybe a little small to me. I coulda used more! But that might just be me. One thing I did notice though, is that one of Cindy's go-to facial strategies is the Reddened Eye. Like, sometimes the characters in her photos have really red eyes.

And, look, I'm not saying that I think she is a stoner witch. I'm not saying that Cindy Sherman gets the best weed. I'm not saying that Cindy Sherman smokes Intergalactic Moon Weed out of a Volcano, while listening to heavy metal, alone in her palatial studios, trying on wigs and make-up. I'm not saying that. What I am saying is, is it really so crazy to dream?

Maybe this has been the secret thread throughout her work. Can we get Cindy Sherman on the cover of High Times?

The exhibition, as well as a bunch of the press about her that's been coming out in conjunction with the retrospective, seems to talk a lot about Fashion. About how Fashion has been this big through-line for Sherman throughout her career. And I'm like... I guess so? I mean, sure. But not any more than, like, so many other things? The exhibit included some of her photos commissioned by Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga, and Chanel, but -get this- didn't indicate that's what they were. I dunno. I mean, I guess I see how fashion has been important to the work of Cindy Sherman, but I think that this and any conversation of Fashion is obfuscating the deeper truth, which is that she smokes weed grown on the moon.

After the museums, I came home for one second, then went over to Jess Paps' and Gigi's nice little house for their Oscar party. I had deep hesitation about going cuz I was feeling GROSS but I went anyway. I felt sort of shitty and worse and worse as the night went on. But everyone there was so adorable, so:

Red Carpet Lola

Lola Savitz wearing a beautiful striped ensemble stealing my fucking heart. Unf.

Hostess Gigi in Look One. Those bangs. So pretty! She made a million sandwiches with Jess, and a bunch of cupcakes. It was kind of a big deal. I wish I knew more about the Oscars or the movies these people were talking about!

Hey also check out Jess' new tattoo:


I mean, HELLO LEO. Also check out her nails. I'm so jealous! Of the tattoo and the nails. She said it kind of hurt though, the tattoo part, and I definitely think it would. Ouch. But so worth it!

Anyway during the oscars I felt progressively worse and worse and worse. And now I feel Officially Bad. Hoping to take care of this today. Don't know what else I need to do. Bummer. I just want to be well.

Okay to end, check out this cute page form Girl Germs. It's Tae Won Yu's contribution, and he might be the cutest boy in indie rock? Whatever. There're some cute photos of him with Liz Girly Sound Phair. Oh for 1991 when things were different.

Also, I guess, the magick of Chicago, you know?

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