Cole made another video, this time about gender, culture, politics and pissing:

Sometimes I wish I was still in college. Like, I wish those days would never end. And sometimes those days don't ever end. Sometimes you can go back in time. This video takes me back.

Before the last QxBxRx, I remember hanging out with some guys (new friends and old friends) huddled around in the dressing room at the bar before getting too excited, where we had to go out to the street to smoke cigarettes. I was go-go dancing so I was wearing my short-shorts with a jacket. But we were all excited and standing in the little smoking corral outside the bar. Too excited to talk, even. At some point, one of us (not me, though, I wish!) started talking about how much fun we had just had, getting excited in the dressing room. How he wished we were back there. Let's go back. Anyway someone brought up the idea of time-travelling. Saying "I love time traveling." We all nodded in agreement.

It's fun to nod.

I added my two cents, saying "I think it's really glad that we're finally talking about this. About how great it is to travel through time." And I meant it. I wasn't just trying to hijack the conversation. I just wanted to record it. The feeling.

I guess I already remembered it. There's no reason to re-remember.

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