Sunset Eaters

This past weekend I went to Seattle to visit my best friend, Bobo. She moved out there last summer to go to grad school, and I miss her dearly. I hadn't seen her since xmas, and I also kind of wanted a little spring break myself. It was a perfect and wonderful visit and time. It didn't even rain at all one time while I was in Seattle. I am taking credit for that.

The first thing we did after Bobo and her new boyfriend Babyman picked me up, was drive over to the Kurt Cobain Memorial. Which is a nice little bench, covered in decades' worth of graffiti, in a tiny little park near the house he died in.

Cute graffiti.

Newly reunited Bobo and I paying our respects:

Magickal Omens

Without putting too fine a point on it, I had a really excellent, if brief, vacation and did, yes, learn a thing or two about myself in the process. One thing I learned about myself is that, you know, this specific anxiety I've been wrestling with these last couple months is not ever going to be solved, and that might be okay. The whole trip of "getting your shit together" might just be a way of setting yourself up for perpetual disappointment. I feel like in some way I've been really waiting to become, happen upon, the person I was destined to become. And at some point over the weekend (maybe the moss moment) I realized I was kind of already that person. "She is me. I am her."

Seattle is a funky and beautiful town and I liked it a lot. Bobo and her new Seattle friends are all very cute and I had just the best time. I spent a little bit of time exploring the downtown of the city. it was sort of like, for me, Northern California. I like sprawl. I like old drugstores.

In my imagination, this is the OLDEST Rite-Aid in the world. The Oracle of Rite-Aid.

I went to Pike Place Market, as my one tourist-y thing (apart from going to that gay bar the Pony two nights in a row). It was cute! I like everything.


We went to a neato thrift-shop and I got a very cute dress, for pretty cheap:

It was apparently supposed to be $75 but the tag said $30 and even though it was underpriced, the cashier let me have it for $30. I felt like it was a sign. It's vintage Lanvin for I.Magnin which is kind of amazing. I can't wait to wear it at the upcoming B0DYH1GH Special Gala (more on that TK). The I.Magnin tag reminded me of the Justin Vivian Bond story about Joan Didion and Linda "Wheels" Casabian and the I.Magnin Wedding Dress. Cute, no? I think it is from the 1970s, and I pretty much like polyester more than any other type of fabric. I gotta say.

I did spend a lot of quality time hanging out with Bobo and Babyman in their apartment, laughing hysterically, getting excited, and running around parks. It was kind of the best ever?

Aren't they the cutest? Aren't these the best outfits? I took this photo but they dressed up. This is great. Do the hokey-pokey. Merry Christmas. 

As anyone knows me knows, I am not really that into Nature. I don't like being dirty or uncomfortable, and like most house cats, am happiest indoors (no matter what my biological nature would have you think). However, in Seattle I did get really into hanging out outdoors. There was just so much really... beautiful plant life everywhere. Tons of parks. I think exploring with Bobo (a certified Nature Buff and Crusty Wooden Witch) was probably a good move. Here we are in a public park, hanging out with this tree.

Doesn't it look like the tree has a face and is holding out is arm? It totally looks like that. 

Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend was hanging out in the park at Dusk, and then, right at sunset, running like fucking banshees through the woods, and up six flights of stairs in a circular stairwell, to the top of the old water tower, to watch the sun set over the mountains.

We were exhausted and out of breath and magickal. it was so nice. I learned this weekend about people called the Sunset Eaters, who apparently fast all day, and then, at dusk, stare directly into the sun as it sets. Apparently something about the light waves as the sun sets is enough to sustain them. It sounds nuts, right? There were a lot of other Sunset Eaters watching the sunset on Saturday night with us. It was kind of nice, and kind of scary.

Reservoir in Volunteer Park

Back home in Danielle's backyard, i got totally blissed out on Nature, giving a partial-to-mostly Fern Gully effect. (Plus ou moins).

Kate Moss

I feel rested, and also like I now have to throw myself back into the craziness of my life. I have some things I want to do, some projects. Some cute articles to work on, some ideas to finish. Maybe not so much. I'm excited to go forward, I guess. In a way that I haven't been super excited lately? Is it okay to say that? I just mean: my vacation was great, it put me back in touch with myself as a real dynamic person (as opposed to an amalgamation of the responses I get from other people). And this real person has some questions she'd like to ask.

Hey also, Bobo showed me this slide presentation she made for school, called I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR and it was fucking amazing and beautiful and I begged her hysterically and she relented to share with me the last slide of the presentation, which perfectly encapsulates the kind of casual, crackpot genius she is. I love her so much.

Okay you guys let's get back to work.

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