Super Duper Bisexuals

Last night I went to Our Hit Parade at Joe's Pub, which is of course an amazing show about popular music, featuring many of Downtown NYC's brightest and best stars. There were many very talented performers last night, but I was most excited to see fellow Leo homegirl Erin Markey, fresh from her stint in Boston. She did a really wonderful monologue and song about Whitney Houston's allegedly secret bisexual life. It was touching and funny and sweet. And then she sang, and she brought down the house (as she does). It was so much fun!

Hey speaking of Bisexuals, my gay-goth-rap-band B0DYH1GH is performing at Gio Black Peter's newly resurrected party SUPER BISEXUALS which is happening this Sunday, March 3rd at EasternBloc. A link to the event is HERE. We're opening for the hip new young NYC gay rapper Austin Dale (Straight Out Of Jail). It'll be a fun thing to go to so I will see you there, I guess.

I also got a nice shout-out on my 69th favorite blog in the world, The Awl. Modern Feminist Icon Emily Gould listed yrs truly as one of five random people she follows on Twitter. It's nice to get, you know, a nice thing said about me on that site, as opposed to the other thing. Also thrilling to be in such fancy brilliant twitterer company (Johanna Fateman! Caroline Contillo! Nico Muhly!). Anyway yeah. I'm on Twitter. Probably everyone is. Okay.

More than a few people lately have asked me about my name. What my real name is. Like it seems clear to people that Billy Cheer is a pseudonym. But do people think my actual name is a pseudonym? It's not. I don't make anything up.

If anything, I'm more of a journalist.

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