Two Expediencies

Just playing catch-up, perpetually. I wanted to post about two things I wrote, recently:

- My good old buddy Jeffery Self has a new website called SELF-OBSESSED (get it?) and he asked me to write a column, so I did. About Sharon Stone. Check it out: WHY SHARON STONE MATTERS.

- The good folks over at the Lambda Literary Foundation asked me to contribute to their Banal and Profane series, which chronicles a week in the life of a queer writer or artist. Check out what I got up to here: THE BANAL AND THE PROFANE: MAX STEELE.

- Okay, for a bonus round, just a reminder that the long-lost and recently rediscovered and released video for my song "Pick-Axe & Shovel" is finally OUT. You can see the video and a cute little write-up on DLNQNT: MAX STEELE AND THE PARTY ICE: "PICK-AXE & SHOVEL"

Part of me wishes I was still performing as the Party Ice. And part of me knows that I can always do that, whenever I want, and then I feel better. Did you know that my band (consisting of me only) used to be called The Icebergs, because I wanted to sound "big, slow and cold" but it only just confused audiences. They'd ask "Where's the rest of the band?" and then I felt like I was disappointing them. So one time I opened for the Blow, and when she got onstage, she referred to me as "Max Steele and The Party Ice" and I definitely took the name and ran with it. I ran all the way to the future and now here we are.


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