excerpt from VALEDICTORIAN

Everyone’s always like “Don’t get caught." Don't get caught red-handed, don't get caught trying, to change, be different. Don't get caught being dishonest. Don't get caught making stuff up. Don't get caught dreaming. It's okay to do it at home but don't get caught. But I’m always like “Get caught!” Don’t worry so much. Get caught, honey. You’ll feel better. The wait’ll be over. Listen: as someone who has been caught many, many times, I can tell you. You have nothing to worry about. Whatever it is you’re worried you’re not getting away with. You’re getting away with it. Whatever secret you’re afraid is gonna slip out? Is never going to slip out. Everything’s fine. No one notices, but you. Get caught. Your record’s clean.

Okay WOULD YOU RATHER: be a secret trend-setter, blissfully unaware of the fact that everyone admired you and wanted to be just like you, and never know it?
OR, would you rather secretly feel like everyone admired you and wanted to be just like you, and have it never be true, have to do battle every day with the suspicion that you might not be who you thought you are? As perfect as you are? It seems like an easy choice.

WOULD YOU RATHER be me right now, up onstage giving her Valedictorian speech, or be you, out in the audience, getting to watch me, having no idea what I will do next? I know, right?

Yeah, but you guys, okay: some of us didn’t get to make that choice. Don’t get to make that choice.

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