Listen To Your Body

I kept waking up in the middle of the night, or I should say the super duper early morning. I woke up at 2:30 and then again at 3:30. I guess I had been having some kind of dream but both times I woke up I staggered out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom to chug a glass of water. Both times I kept thinking "But... I'm not even thirsty..."

Having done a fair bit of yoga, acting exercises, meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage work, I've come across the phrase "listen to your body" so many times, and it never fails to make me giggle. But it is true, I guess. Your body can want one thing and you can be totally ignorant of it, consciously. Maybe my body wanted extra water. I think actually what it was is that I ate a ton of salty Thai food before bed last night.

Friday night, Amos Mac and his intrepid young assistant Mars came over to take some photos, both of yours truly (rolling around on my bed) as well as B0DYH1GH. I was a bit nervous, I must say, if only because Amos' work is so great, and I want to live up to my life! He's a total sweetheart obviously, and we had a blast. Besides, I had kind of an ace in the hole. Something which I knew would make for a perfect photograph, and which I knew Amos would fucking love. And that is the freaky new haircut my room mate Justin's cat, Frida, got last week. She's a very nice 8 year-old Persian kitty, and she's had very long and kind of matted hair since I've known her (she and Mama J moved into the apartment in September). Last week, however, Frida got a very strange and beautiful and strange haircut:

It's kind of a haircut you'd give a poodle, right? I mean, Frida looks good, don't get me wrong. The only problem is that she kind of knows she looks good. It's sort of bringing out her inner diva. Which, again, is totally cool. Except that she was part of my fucking photo shoot. Amos and Mars were obviously charmed with her, and we did get some very nice shots of her with Perfect Li'l Daniel and I as B0DYH1GH, with Friday clawing my hair, running around our feet, etc. She totally stole the spotlight for a minute. But it's hard to get angry with a cat. I do sometimes make the mistake of projecting human feelings onto animals. Sometimes animals act like people though (more on this next time) so I feel like: Okay, you wanna be gay? Let's be gay.

Anyway after the photoshoot I tried (sort of) to wash off (some) of the eyeliner, and PLD and Ptrck began early bday celebrations with 40s in the kitchen. We went to his friend's house also for more drinks. White wine, though I do adore it, is not a mixer. FYI. This just in. We went to a warehouse party but it was far too crowded for this old lady and I begged off and went home at 2am, feeling quite musty. Mustardy.

Saturday I went to the gym and meant, seriously to go to the Scott Hug book party at Printed Matter as well as the Cindy Sherman opening at Metro Pictures, but I didn't get it together. I was working on a new writing project and puttering around the house, so I just barely made it in time to meet Sister Pico at the movie theater to see this Hart Crane biopic written, directed, edited by and starring my boyfriend James Franco, who also did a Q&A afterward. Now, I don't like to say any negative things about anybody ever but the movie was not fun for me, and the Q&A was not as illuminating as I would have liked and Pico actually walked out of the Q&A portion. I stayed in my seat to finish eating the dust at the bottom of the popcorn bag, but then I left too. We forgive you, Jimmy! The scene where Jimmy, as Hart Crane (ps: Hart Crane-- who gives a fuck, right?) gets fucked in the ass, and Jimmy plays the scene a little too exuberantly-- it's kind of unbelievable. I would like to me Jimmy's sodomy acting coach. That is a job I think I could actually do.

So after the movie I went to dinner with Teebs where we talked about how I got totally hurt last week by somebody though I want revenge it's silly so I will move on. Processing is nice. I went downtown to an art party where PLD and Ben Ha'Bear were DJ-ing, playing Yoko Ono and Uncanny Alliance. It was a super fun party! And early! I had some cheap drinks and ran into my old college chum Morgan, who had just that minute moved back to NYC. After the boys' DJ set (which included a dance cameo by that one really sexy art critic who I have kind of a hopeless crush on, but who doesn't?) the next DJ played SWANS' "Time Is Money (Bastard)" which I hadn't heard in forever, and which I love. SWANS were kind of my favorite band for a while in high school. Let's talk about this: I think Jarboe is a fucking genius and I sort of forgive Michael Gira for his casual obsession with being evil.

After the dance party Ha'Beer and PLD and I went to the GAG! party at the Metropolitan, for, like, a second. Just long enough to gather up our buddy Ryan and collectively decide that it would be a fun, lighthearted adventure to go over to Sugarland.

It was.

It was my other room mate Michael's bday on Saturday and he was celebrating at Sugarland, so I did kind of have an excuse for actually waiting in a line to get in there. Has that ever happened before? Where am I? Sugarland was obviously crowded and fucking insane and full of crazy people and the music was not good. It is nice, though, how everybody knows everybody. Anywhere you go, you have a friend there. Maybe just one you haven't met yet. I did have a good time there actually, but maybe because I had been drinking for a couple hours beforehand. Anyway it was fun-ish, and I left kind of early. I was pretending to be Kyle. Someone asked me if I was Kyle and I said no. But then I felt like "You know what? Fuck this. I am Kyle. If you're looking for Kyle, Look no further." It kind of worked.

Yesterday morning, a bit hungover (or actually still drunk) I decided to start re-potting my houseplants. I want to grow a forest in my room. Mark my words: I will do this. I took a gardening break to go get lunch at my new favorite place, Vanessa's Dumplings on Bedford.

So cheap and so good!

I go there kind of way too much. I was just there on Thursday, after the brilliant Paul Sepuya book party where Wayne Koestenbaum read. I was so excited that night that I had literally one million glasses of white wine and then went immediately to get dinner at Vanessa's. It's comfort food, for me. Because it's so cheap. It's comforting that way. I don't want it to get crowded though. It might be a mistake to write about it except hey no body reads this! Alright alright.

After lunch and gardening I met up with Julia aka Jiddy No-No aka Ewok Vixen for rehearsal. I'm performing at the next Hey Queen! on 5/12 and doing a very short nightclub Max Steele and the Party Ice set and Jiddy is gonna sign and dance the back-ups. So, rather than flying blind as I am usually wont to do, I booked us a rehearsal at the Spectrum Space. Which I do love so. Nicholas and Gage are so sweet and wonderful and I am glad that they've made this fabulous queer art haven right near my house! rehearsal was fun. I'm a fucking horrible singer. I like being bad. It sort of takes the pressure off, eh?

After rehearsal Jiddy and I came home to hang out and process and it was actually a highlight of the weekend. I was exhausted from my epick and productive weekend and slept very early. I did, though, get up twice to drink unnecessary water, before getting up for real this morning at 5am to exercise. I listened to a lot of Janet Jackson. Give me strength.

Tonight, in just a few hours, I'm going to see Erin Markey and Justin Vivian Bond and Brontez and Eileen Myles and Michelle Tea and Narcissister and so many others perform at Sister Spit. I am BEYOND excited.

Okay here I go.

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