- Take a shower even though the bathroom is still being renovated and there is plaster dust everywhere (in the air) and it is killing you.
- Splash your whole body with Florida Water.
- Wear all red including the Malcolm X t-shirt that one of your mom's friends (aka teachers at your high school) gave her to give you to. You also have this exact same t shirt in white as well.
- Because the floors (and every surface in the apartment, really) is covered in carcinogenic plaster dust, you will wear shoes. Your old Doc Marten creepers. And socks, so that your freshly-washed feet don't stink. Worry about which pair of socks to wear. You know what you have too many socks. You choose an old pair of dress socks you never wear and roll them on. They're really tight. You cut off the elastic at the top of the socks. They feel more comfortable and you look like a total creep.
- Cook beans and rice (add spinach, +5 invincibility points).
- Listen to Lee Perry and the Upsetters.
- Burn sandalwood incense.
- Drink sake mixed with pineapple juice.

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