Always Been My Excuse

Some updates.

There's a great photo diary with commentary by Bruce La Bruce about his new installation, which I wrote about, over at VICE.

Gotta say, I think I still stand by my interpretation, limning out the feminist content (ha). I am so bummed that I missed this! But at the time I was doing the reading at Dixon Place, it was fun. It's always fun.

Speaking of queer art, my old housemate Cassandra Maude just wrote a really rad article about Queer Art over on CultureBot which is also worth checking out.

In other news: yesterday was really hard and painful and today is much better. I guess I really needed, more than anything, to:
a) Speak my mind, stand up for myself, speak truth to power. Say the feeling. Do that thing of telling the other person what you notice, how it makes you feel. and what you want them to do about it. Be honest.
b) Go to the gym and tire myself out by running really fast while listening to Kylie Minogue.

I gotta say, Kylie Minogue feels like Al Gore to me. She should have been our Madonna. Al should have been our president. It's like a window into an alternate, Utopian reality.

I still feel bummed about some things but other things are going pretty okay. Tonight is the debut of the new B0DYH1GH opera "ButterBAWL" at the EastVillageBoys gallery opening. Sister Pico and I are going out to dinner afterward and I am going to wear these fancy new shoes I bought last summer.

Everybody be good to yourselves.

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