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I do feel pretty grateful and pretty happy, still. Trying to focus on the positive. It's working! I mean, it takes work and work makes things happen.

I don't want to be one of those people who is always talking about how great they are on the internet, showing self-shot photographs of themselves and talking about how talented and interesting and funny and sexy they are. It sounds like they are trying to convince themselves or something. I'm not, I should note, trying to convince myself or anyone of anything, ever. However, I am a Leo and I do like to have my picture taken sometimes, and this is the week when three really sweet and awesome photographers' photos of me came out, so, this is what I look like when things are good!

Amos Mac took this photo of me a few weeks ago, as part of a whirlwind exciting afternoon when we also shot some B0DYH1GH photos. He had help from his intrepid and very nice young assistant Mars. So much fun. I got to wear my own clothes including the David Wojnarowicz Untitled (One Day This Kid. . .) t-shirt which I got when I first moved to NYC and did that Wojnarowicz tribute reading at PPOW Gallery, and the lovely gallery director Jamie Sterns gave me one of the shirts gratis. You can't really see it, but I'm also wearing a little button on my jacket which was made by the artist Alex Da Corte and given to me a very long time ago, when I first met him in Philly. I am wearing my lucky charms in my lucky space. Okay!

This photo was taken by Adam Gardiner who I've known for a while through our mutual friend and psychic poet warrior Thain, and I've always admired Adam's work. Perfect Little Daniel and I went to Adam's house to take photos a few weeks ago, and the awesome Mary Cassola did our hair. I'm wearing a shirt by Paolo Raymondo which I sadly do not own. I really like these photos which Adam took so much! I had no idea I could clean up so nicely. It's almost dissociating to see something that is you but also not you. Maybe everyone else feels this way. Cute, huh?

Last Friday afternoon, I went up to my favorite neighborhood in New York City, Spanish Harlem ("SpaHa") to visit my good buddy and personal hero Walt Cessna. He's extra extra busy these days promoting his new book FUKT 2 START WITH as well as his ongoing, internationally-renowned visual art career. So I did feel extra extra lucky to get to catch an audience with him last week, before he jets off yet again. We walked around the neighborhood taking photos in the scenery, and I do think we got some good ones. I was looking delightfully shlumpy in my Tim Hamilton t-shirt, but Walter has a way of making even banal, shlumpy, or ugly things seem exciting, beautiful, or, to borrow his preferred term of affection "correct". So much fun!

But the real reason for this post, kids, is about B0DYH1GH. As you know, we made the soundtrack for the polaroid photo exhibition organized by East Village Boys and the Queer New York International Arts Festival. The exhibition was so cool, and I am so excited to be part of the project. Another photo by Amos Mac, this time of B0DYH1GH with my room mate's cat, Frida, was used as press in conjunction with the exhibition, and put up on The Advocate's website. Cool, huh?

But really, okay, this is the end. The musical soundtrack which Daniel and I made, titled BUTTERBAWL is now online. It's an instrumental, seven-part song cycle, which we worked very hard on, and are quite proud of. And it is now available for download over on EastVillageBoys.

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