Okay you guys I'm ready to tell you my good news. I've been holding back on telling people about this for a minute, because the information wasn't actually public, and I felt self-conscious or whatever (I've been kind of going through it these last few weeks I must say), but now I guess I am ready to talk about it. I applied for and have been selected as an Artist In Residence at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) for the next year. The fellowship involves studio space, technical and administrative support, as well as something like a home-base to make work in. I'm almost overwhelmed with my feelings of gratitude, relief, joy and excited to be included in this group of amazing artists, and to be able to work with such an engaged and forward-thinking institution. I want to specifically thank my soul sister Dan Fishback for encouraging me to apply for the program, and believing in me, both in the specific and in the general as well. As lonely as I feel sometimes, I do have friends that support me more than I could ever ask for or probably even deserve and for this, as well, today, I am particularly grateful.

For the last six years I've lived in New York and have been really struggling to make art work and to have good ideas and do them justice, and I've often felt like I needed to do things entirely on my own. So, getting this kind of institutional support is a really huge deal for me. It means a big progression in how I think and make. It's also a fairly awesome challenge. So often, things have come together for me mostly out of necessity. I'm very proud of the work that I've been allowed to make here in the last six years, but I would be lying if I said I got to do everything in the best way possible-- things get performed because it's time to perform them. That is just the way it is. Despite my feeling proud of what I've been able to achieve, I have often felt a tangible regret, thinking how differently things could or should go. I try, as a rule, not to talk about my plans, for fear of not having the resources or ingenuity to bring them to life. So I have not really deigned to dream this big before.

But now I can say that there will finally be a big new full-length Max Steele performance art show. It is going to happen and I am going to make it and being able to say that means pretty much everything to me right this second.


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Congratulations, Max!!!