Lit Light

I woke up to the thunderstorm this morning. My first thought was "How romantic!" Weird, right?

Had such an amazing weekend, you guys. I guess it all started on Wednesday, when I got a haircut and then went over to Envoy Enterprises to see the Brian Kenny solo show opening. It was so great! He made this really fantastic photo installation that (without giving anything away) is basically about dance. It's dancing photos. It's really great! You should see the exhibition, which is up until the end of July at Envoy. Ran into Deer Heart Sam and Perfect Li'l Daniel at the opening, and of course the Gallery Mistress Jamie, who is definitely a favorite, running Envoy like a well-oiled Art Machine. We drank some nice fizzy white wine, and then ventured downstairs to Home Sweet Home, delightful dank grotto. We watched a band setting up, they seemed to be a band with nothing except for keyboards? It was happy hour and we got some very salty margaritas. I got some, I don't know what everybody else did. I was too busy touching the back of my newly-shorn head and licking kosher salt off the rim of a glass to pay attention to anybody else.

Thursday it was, really, far too hot. After work I went to get a manicure and I ruined it, just outside the nail salon, and had to go back in to have them touch it up. Twice. They were very sweet about it. I went to my analyst and complained a lot. It felt good but not as good as it had felt the week before but que sera sera. I'm kind of into this thing lately of not feeling good. I should clarify: I think feeling good is fine but not the entirety of existence. A lot of life does not feel exactly good. And what is good, anyway? So I go to analysis to ask these questions. Afterward I hopped an incredibly chic crosstown bus, where a pair of homely tourists and their incredibly ugly little child and I were the only people on the bus, and the ugly little kid had the gall to throw shade at MY after-analysis look. I was wearing new shoes and a new haircut and had a new manicure and was feeling pretty fucking invincible though, so, like, whatever. I know I look good. Go back to wherever it is you came from. Men can paint their nails. Ugh. I went to the Gayletter Happy Hour at Bedlam, co sponsored by One Medical. it was so rad. There were hors d'oeuvres and an open bar and live performances and I was in fucking heaven. Plus it was early, and air-conditioned, and you know. I'm a huge baby. I saw Geo Wyeth and Joseph Keckler perform. Kind of not the most conducive space to live performances, Bedlam. But the nice part was that both strapping young lads really rose to the occasion, belting beautifully and basically slapping the crowd in the face with their singing. It was so cool. Joseph sang a deep-sea blues number about water and I got goosebumps all over my whole body.

So wonderful. I scurried home just before the stroke of midnight, being as I am the Biggest Baby. (I love how in Gertrude Stein's books she always refers to herself as a baby-- butch bossy baby). Friday was more of the same, don't you know. After work I had band practice with PLD for our B0DYH1GH set on Sunday. After band practice we went to celebrate Deer Heart Sam's birthday on Gay Powers Street, where a handful of gorgeous Brooklyn queers made pitchers of margaritas and we all had a good chuckle in the backyard.

There was cake. It was great. What a special evening. We took a cab from Gay Gemini Bday Party #1 over to Gay Gemini Bday Party #2, in lovely Bushwick, described by Neon Ladosha as "The Cunt's Nest". I guess I don't really life in Bushwick, or Williamsburg. I might not live anywhere. Wouldn't it be cool to be a ghost? Anyway the second Sexy gay Gemini Bday Party was at David from Mirror Mirror's old house, which he moved out of but decorated in the spectacular fashion to celebrate his bday with his beau Max. It was so fucking hot in that house. It was unreal hot. We drank some whiskey and saw all these amazing deer friends including extra spooky Joseph Keckler, who arrived with his cohorts Dan and Chavisa looking for trouble. Joseph, who exists as a kind of mystical creature always, was like a vision in head-to-toe black silk. I was jealous but I was also so sweaty that I couldn't get too worked up about clothes. Cunty Crawford LaDosha was DJ-ing and I got really into dancing to that ancient Missy Elliott song "Pass That Dutch". I love how that came out right after the Anthrax epidemic (and maybe even after SARS) and there are those barely funny intros about a "virus that's attacking all clubs" and the five-second pause in the middle of the song to catch your breath. I tried to catch mine but it was so hot in that apartment, the black lights were not having their usual desired cooling affect on me. At least not consciously. I had to go. I did go. It was fine.

Saturday I did basically nothing. I lied low, tidied the house, and went to get brunch at my favorite place, Vanessa Williamsburg's Dumplings and took a nap. I've been trying to meditate every day. It's so hard. But I did it on Saturday! The big thing I did Saturday was go to beautiful Miriam's wedding to the lovely Phil. I've known Miriam since college, and she was for many years a back-up dance in my band, Max Steele & the Party Ice (I believe she was "Party"). She had spent some time living in Scotland and is deeply in love with a beautiful man and their wedding was on Saturday. I did almost cry. I haven't been to a ton of weddings, so I was scared I wouldn't know the etiquette, but I did wear a nice suit, and had so much fun. It was kind of beautiful and emotional and sweet and perfect. I am so happy for them and had a beyond fun time eating delicious fancy food and drinking delicious fancy drinks with my good old college pals. Everyone is so grown up and yet looks so cute young and nubile. What an interesting time to be alive, I think. Everything was gorgeous and I was so happy.

I did, though cut out a little bit on the early side (11) to run up to my neighborhood. I got outta my suit, took an ice cold shower at midnight (which Miriam recommended to me, as a personal trainer, as a good way to work on my body) and I put on short-shorts and a polka dot t-shirt and went to a dance party at the Spectrum, the local queer Utopia founded by Nicholas Gorham and Gage of the Boones. Saturday night was a very special night, being DJed and organized by Nath Ann Carrera and Savannah Knoop aka WOAHMONE. It was the best fucking dance party ever, oh my goodness. PLD was working the door and I would occasionally go say hi or loiter out on the curb because I was like, glistening with sweat. Everyone said so. I'm not embarrassed, I was having fun. I can't remember dancing so hard for so long. I saw a great many queer legend friends and lovers and good souls there. A real highlight was one of the DJs playing Planningtorock's "Living It Out"

I seriously danced until I could dance no more. And it was 4am and I went home and went to sleep ecstatic.

Sunday was a big day, folks. Yesterday was Gay Pride. PLD and I met up early and loaded the gear into a pretty uncooperative cab. The theme for the weekend was creepy cab drivers, man. So! We went to EVERYBOOTY 2, a fantastic all day concert and party and alternative Pride event organized by Spank, Earl Dax, and Hey Queen. It was kind of a beyond-magickal gathering at a gorgeous outdoor venue. So many of my truly favorite people performed in the show: Dan Fishback, Nath Ann Carrera, Sequinette and Heather Acs, AB Soto, Gio Black Peter, Jack Ferver, Erin motherfucking Markey, Justin Vivian Bond, Xavier, and more. It was the kind of thing where I had to pinch myself constantly to remember that it was real. If you had told me even a few short years ago that I would be playing a show with these people I would not have believer you. It was such a fantastic day and I am still high from it. Here's a photo of Nath Ann and me and PLD that Earl Dax (Girl Snax) took:

I'm so happy. On my way home from the bus from PLD's house, my way was lit by fireflies.

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