At Home She's A Tourist

My plane quite fittingly broke all speed records flying towards San Francisco.

I always think of this quote form the beginning of the second volume of Anaïs Nin's journals whenever I travel.

Also being home in California reminds me how much I loved reading Nin's journals in high school. It was such a big deal for me. But then I go to college and I went to a fiction workshop and the first thing my teacher said was how much she hated Anaïs Nin, because she was so self-obsessed. I graduated!

So I'm home in the bay area this week, overeating at my parents' house. It's great. My big thing is that I'm reading at Michelle Tea's RADAR reading series tomorrow night in San Francisco! You can see more info HERE.

I'm so excited to be part of this! I'm a huge fan of Michelle Tea, obviously, and I just found out that Nomy Lamm is also reading, and of course I am a huge fan of hers as well. So I'm really excited. I feel a little bit nervous, as I've never done a reading or "real" performances in my home town-area of the Bay. I was never really a grown-up here. I was a teenager here and then I went to New York and now I come back and it almost feels like a tourist.

What is that song? "At home she's a tourist"? Who sings that?
I could look that up, I suppose, but being home in California, land of the Avocado-Eaters, makes me so lazy. I sort of regress into my teenage, childhood self when I'm at home with my parents. I revert to a time before the Internet.

So I'm really excited and really nervous to read tomorrow night. If you're nearby you should come! It's free.

Also a little bit nervous for the content of my reading? I was going to put together some New Pieces, but they're not ready yet, and I want to something I'm a bit surer of, so I'm doing some unexpected Old Favorite(s), but I worry about, you know, will people know. Will people know it's funny? Will people know I'm not the person I wrote about a few years ago? Yes, they'll know.

A little bit worried about cussing in a library. But I'm excited to do it! I love cussing.

Okay, so. The night before I left, I went to the Dirty Looks On Location event at the Kitchen to see This Is Not A Dream, a really great documentary about queer artists using video, which was just made by Gavin Butt & Ben Walters. It was so cool! It features many luminaries, including deer heart Miss Lady Pink Cherry Blossom Princess Cole Escola, as well as Vaginal Crème Davis. Here's the trailer:

I was so inspired by the film. Miss Vag was talking about making a community, making a scene happen around her in LA by simply saying how great what she was doing was. She cops to the fact that she was using hyperbole, but admits that that's all it took to make it real, and says "...and you can still do that!" It was so heartening. I'm so inspired when people want to make their own thing, rather than, say, get on MTV or something. Right? And Davis also made zines about her friends, made it about more people than her. It wasn't about her just going around saying how rad she was all the time, it was about making a world she wanted to see and then it was there. That's how it seems to me. Beth Ditto says that Vaginal Davis invented punk and she's right. Y'all should also always be reading Miss Vaginal's BLOG, which is like getting something so cool and valuable for free.

So that was great. Some more things are:

Last week I went to the opening of "Testimony: A Living Exhibition Of Queer Youth" at the Leslie-Lohman Gallery, where a portrait of yours truly by Amos Mac was on display. People came up to me to ask if I knew Frida. She's such a fucking star.

So here's a photo of me and Sam Weekend Party Update McKinniss and PLD at the opening. We were having fun, I swear. But you sure can't tell from that photo, huh? After the opening we went to Sam's studio where he showed us some of his new work-in-progress and we talked about (what else?) Sade. It was so great and I had literally thirty eight glasses of delicious white wine.

Another cool thing is that when PLD and I went to the Yayoi Kusama opening a little while ago, while we were waiting in line, we got our photo snapped by the Idiosyncratic Fashionistas!

So cool! I love them! They're maybe the best-dressed ladies in New York. This is me wearing all my CdG finery, terribly unwisely in the heat, but what can you do. That show was so cool.

So now today, my mom is on her exercise bike, listening to the Cure on her headphone and singing along. My dad is listening to opera in the backyards and lifting weights. I'm going to go to the old folks' home down the street form my parents house. They have a thrift store run out of their rec center which is only open on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 10am-2pm. It's actually the best thrift store, but it's like Brigadoon or Shangri-La or The Fun Part of Queens, it doesn't really exist. So I'm going. Then tonight my girlfriend Cotton and I are going dancing at Aunt Charlie's.


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