Be My Be My

Tuesday night I got ready to go out with Ptrck, Perfect Little Daniel and Lola. We all had Wednesday off work so there was a real kind of Friday-night energy in the air, even though it was only Tuesday. Lola came over and we all had some cocktails at my house. She brought Diet Mountain Dew (my favorite!) which she had drank on her way chez nous.

Isn't Lola gorgeous? She looks to me like a Pussycat Doll. Is that a weird way to compliment someone?

Remember this song?

So we hung out at home for a minute, then babygirl Colin Self came by and we all got ready to go out to Westway for their West Gay party. I'd never been to it, and we took the subway there but I still haven't been because there was an insane line down the block and they weren't letting anyone in. Oh well! PLD and P and Lola and I went downtown to Home Sweet Home for GAY VINYL, which was a really good idea. Even if the people dancing there were not gay (which they most certainly were not) the music was really great. Shayne from Hood By Air was DJing and it was a good, laid back vibe. We further retired to the good old fashioned Metropolitan, where we ran into deer heart Thain who told us about a cute Fourth of July idea. It was late, after that, and I went home.

Yesterday on the real fourth I woke up, went to the gym, did not meditate (oops) and went with PLD to his friend Ana's house in Greenpoint, where we listened to Soul Coughing and talked about love. It was cute. From there we went to Erin & the Irish Horse's new digs, where we drank some cold champers and cracked our backs on their athletic devices. And they fed us (they're really good cooks). It was almost dusk though and everybody had places to be. I took a bus to the train to the lower east side, where I met up with Thain and Tommy and Lola and Alyson in a community park on Chrystie street to watch the "all-natural fireworks display": 90 fireflies released into the garden! Well, they were released. But they sort of decided not to light up! Not right away, anyhow. After about half an hour of standing around the park, a couple fireflies were getting into it, but it was sweltering, and some other kinds of non-luminescent bugs were sucking the blood from my ankles and I was exhausted. We all went to our homes.

I made a huge salad and ate it in bed, listening to SWANS and reading about narcocorridos.

Everything is exciting and weird. I don't know. Feel up!

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