Eat Sick

I did have just the best time at home in California. Most of the time I spent sitting on my parents' couch. Or walking around my quiet little hometown, Alameda. I definitely ate myself sick. And I slept too much. Can you do that? I just feel like I am overnourished; overindulged. I kind of always feel this way, in general: over-loved, spoilt, etc., but I really do think I got all my rest and recuperation into and then out of my system. Alright. Back to work!

While I was home it was, and still is, Mercury (fucking) Retrograde. So I did feel like, you know, maybe communications were a little bit fuzzy. Or, more appropriately, I feel like lately I'm being misunderstood, for whatever reason. But I don't feel like I need to really clarify? Whenever I try to make people understand me, it always backfires. So like whatever, get it or don't get it. My homegirl Cotton and I went out dancing and sort of inadvertently got sucked into a black hole of Mercury Retro bad energy with someone on the dance floor. And it was so fucked up, because, for me, the whole point of the conversation was telling this guy I thought he was cute. But then his friend ended up getting the impression I was making fun of him, and then came over to ask me to leave? Thank Goddess for the Intuitive Wisdom of Original Homegirl Cotton. She diffused the situation with some creative fiction and everybody got to be friends. Except for me and the random SF guy I thought was cute. But what's new, really.

I did do this reading as part of Michelle Tea's RADAR Series, with some amazing readers! I was so happy to be invited to come to the Bay Area and do my little thing. Especially with such luminaries such as Tea and Nomy Lamm. I'm such a big fan. It kind of seems unreal. After the reading I hung out with Cotton and his childhood best friend and my Birthday Twin, Sam! We drank champagne and ate vegan empanadas at Cotton's house. It was a really nice evening and then I retired back to the East Bay. But not before Sam told me about the PYRAMIDS AND SPHINX FACE ON MARS. I am, actually, kind of upset to know about this. It's not bad news, per se, but it does change things. Look it up! These are the kinds of revelations I've been having.

Spent a night hanging out with the Duchess and Mister J at their new West Oakland digs. I love Oakland so much. It doesn't love me, really, at all. Probably doesn't even know I'm alive. But walking around with Mr. J and Duchess, around downtown Oakland, I got so nostalgic for my teenage years. I used to go to shows at 924 Gilman St all the time when I was in high school. Not even to see the bands necessarily, I'd go on nights when I didn't even know any of the bands. I went to be around other punk kids, to see other gay kids, to see other people who thought the way I thought and beyond, who knew things I wanted to know, whether or not I knew it yet. And because I don't drive, I'd have to take the 51 bus to downtown Oakland, and then take the 73. But sometimes, coming back from Gilman, the 73 wouldn't be working, and I'd have to walk the couple miles, in the middle of the night, from Berkeley to downtown Oakland. It seems so strange in the daylight. I saw my little brother Julian's band, The Straight Ups, perform in Oakland as well. They were so good! My little brother is such a good singer it's a little shameful. It was another highlight.

My family and I went out to dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday this week, he is also a Leo. We went to a really good German restaurant (really) in the Mission and I got veggie schnitzel, which is real. I can't even get into how much I pigged out the last week. I'm going super hard back into diet/exercise/asceticism mode. Not because I want to lose weight of have a sexy body (I don't need anyone's approval) but because I really don't like being able to eat whatever I want. It feels wrong. Good feels wrong. I feel like I don't know anyone who has a really 100% uncomplicated relationship to food. Maybe I'm problematizing it. Everyone is weird about food because everyone eats it. Almost everyone. Basically pretty much everybody I know.

Came home and went immediately to Woahmone! The wonderfully SF-themed dance party which was happening at the Spectrum. Perfect Little Daniel was working the door, Nath-Ann Carrera was hosting and DJane-ing, and deer heart Ben Ha'Bear was there after her own West Coast Soujurn. Such a nice time. Someone (Nath-Ann?) played Laura Nyro & LaBelle's cover of "Do The Monkey Time/Dancing In The Street" from Gonna Take A Miracle and although I say it all the time, it really is my favorite song. I danced so hard, by myself. I had a great time.

Sunday was the Metropolitan BBQ with so many dear heart friends and cute babies. I am glad to be back.
TONIGHT I am going to hang out with my best friend BOBO and I am just so fucking excited I could spit.

Here're two cute videos I don't know if you've seen them or not.

Bad Blood from alex da corte on Vimeo.

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