Intimate Strategy

Right, so. On Thursday, Kyle and PLD and I went to the opening of B-OUT at Andrew Edlin Gallery, curated by Scott Hug. It was pretty fucking amazing. It features so many great queer artists from NYC (and the world, I guess), and at exactly the right moment. It was installed beautifully, and there are so many really great pieces in it. There's a series of performances, screenings and readings in conjunction with the show, which is up until 8/18 and totally worth checking out.

I've been thinking a lot about how with Anderson and Frank coming out of the closet, so many already out, usually white and liberal queers are being cynical about them coming out. And I was thinking about Wynne Greenwood, and how she talked about making coming out a process, or being able to do it more than once. Like, we can keep coming out. I think that's a great idea. And I think it's great to come out, as anything, any and all the time. Like, to come out as straight or asexual or whatever. Anything. I just think it's cool to say the thing out loud, that you are. Because the thing that you are, that you come out as, is always changing, and is always great, so keep doing it, right?

So Scott's show, B-OUT is sort of, to my mind, about coming out. It's almost overwhelming, how much cool stuff is in the show, but not in a bad way. In a way that makes me excited to be out, paying attention. Very cool stuff.

So after the opening I went to my psychoanalyst and we had a real great time. After that, I went over to Erin Markey's house where PLD and E and I drank champagne and played Uno. I didn't know how to play it but I did get the hang of it. It's kind of hard to play with just three people. Maybe not hard, but intimate. It requires Intimate Strategy.

Then on Friday I went to go see Dan's show, The Material World in the Dixon Place HOT! Festival which was very exciting. I love going to opening nights, you know? The show is great, an epic and beautiful, surreal fantasy by dear heart Dan, and I am excited to see how the show has developed since it's last iteration. Dan is such a great writer, and the show has so many really great things. Not the least of which is Miss Molly Pope, who has one song in the show, a solo, and it totally destroys everything. She's so fucking fantastic it hurts. This isn't news. Michael Musto just wrote a totally on-point article about her. She is literally a gem and everyone should go see her in Dan's show. The rest of the show is extra magickal, loverboy Cole stars and there are some fantastic new songs. Highly recommended.

Saturday I got up early, went to the gym, meditated, watered the houseplants, and hurried to go to Feminist Brunch at Cafe Colette with David and Colin. We had rosé cocktails and exceedingly good food, and then after brunch went to the East Village to go to the witch shops, you know, like you do. I was exhausted form the heat, and took one hell of a nap before going out to Metropolitan with the girls. I had so much fun that at one point I did actually tell Sam that was "rekindling my love affair with vodka". The things we say. The Shapes We Make. So, that was cute. I ran into pretty much everybody there, like you do. It was gag. I wore a mesh t-shirt (inspired by David's Feminist Brunch Luke, earlier that day, I must say), I had maybe a litte too much to drink. No remorse.

Sunday I didn't do a ton until meeting up with Erin, Becca, PLD and Dan at the Rusty Knot for JD's new party Scissor Sundays. It was cute! New gay experiences! I do like being down by the water, and a nice change of pace. I had a fairly disgusting drink, the name of which I've mercifully forgotten, but it was beer, hot sauce, lime juice and ice, in a salted glass. Why did I drink it? Three of them? Gross.

We hustled across town to see Miss Joseph Keckler perform at Joe's Pub, which was of course dark, stormy and delicious, as usual. My old room mate Cassaundra from the Soft Butch days wrote a really rad article about Joseph for BOMB, so it was cool to see her at the show and to celebrate Joseph's new work-in-progress, I Am An Opera. She sure is.

And now today I am home sick from work. Kind of hoping the plumber will come by to fix the leak in our kitchen. It's hot and I feel gross.

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