Cook My Dinner While I Shine My Gun

Speaking of the new Cat Power record, which does yes sound like a mid-1990s trip-hop/"electronica" record, which I love, buddy Ryan made the comparison between it and the sound of Imani Coppola's first record, Chupacabra.

I don't know if Miss Thing meant it as a dig or not, but that record is fucking rad. I mean, remember how good this song was?

Or the other single from that record, "I'm A Tree"

Like, fuck Guided By Voices, right? Who is actually a tree, even? I think this is so cute. I spent pretty much the whole weekend listening to Imani Coppola's first record. It was not a mistake.

Remember when it was cool to play the violin? Remember when people played instruments at all? Remember when people wanted to play for each other?

On Sunday I got a new mattress and a new glass piece and a new battery for my air conditioner's remote control. Kind of a banner day.

I also made a video about responsibility.

Also also I've been (sort of) working on a music project/projects, and I finally made a song out of this old beat which was made, of course, by homegirl Matt Elkin when we were in the band BALLERINAS in college. I recorded a demo of some Laura Nyro songs ("Captain for Dark Mornings" + "Captain St. Lucifer")

It's just a demo. I need to record it a little bit better-sung. My favorite Laura Nyro lyric in that song is: "I'VE BEEN SOLD BY SAILORS/I'VE BEEN WORN BY TAILORS/SOLDIERS WOUND ME/BUT YOU, MY CAPTAIN, ARE MEDICATION/FOR MY REPUTATION"

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