Mercury and Venus are both about to turn direct and not, really, a moment too soon.
Friday night I met up with Daniel and Tommy and we went out for iced cream in Williamsburg. We took the L train the F train to go to Prospect Park to see Wild Flag perform. On the F train in the Lower East Side, however, the train stopped because someone jumped in front of it. We got off the train.

Dazed, we wandered around the lower east side for a little while. I was trying to avoid the gathering ambulances and cop cars. We ducked into a pizza shop and had pizza, which was good, actually, but the girl who worked there, everyone who worked there, was so friendly and approachable and upbeat ("How's that pizza? Any suggestions? No? Be honest...") it made it hard to eat. Eventually we took a car to Prospect Park and we saw Wild Flag perform. The set was just okay. I was wearing this mesh t-shirt, and the people at the drink stand at the bandshell liked my shirt and gave me a free glass of wine (even though I had just bought one). We ran into our friends Ana Cohen and Ben Ha'Bear. After the show we hung around the entrance to the park and tried to decide what to do. Eventually Ana C. left and we all went to the Metropolitan for one drink. I got bored and exhausted and left soon afterward.

Saturday I avoided the sunlight. I had had vague plans to go to the beach but I chickened out. I exercised, meditated, recorded music for a few hours (reggaton cover of Laura Nyro songs) and wrote a record review. At night, I went out to dinner then to the ReggAy party at Public Assembly. Everybody was there! It was such a good dance party! I saw so many dear and near faces. I hung out all night and danced my little ass off and then at 3:30 in the morning had to go home.

Sunday Jiddy No-No came over and we caught up, before heading into the city, where I was participating in a new Ves Pitts / Joe Jeffreys video project. Mine came out just okay (I think). I came home and actually did basically nothing since then.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

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