To Enjoy It

Last night my best friend in the whole world Danielle Rosa aka BOBO came over, in-between her cross-country jaunts this summer. I miss her so much, and was bummed that while she was visiting the city last week I was in San Francisco. So, happily, our schedules overlapped by one day and she came over last night. I am so happy. I also got PAID by some long-outstanding folks, so I'm really feeling the magick and the pain of Mercury Retrograde. ("It takes courage to enjoy it. The hardcore and the gentle.")

Bobo and I caught up, listened to music, ordered our favorite sandwiches (Showtime, no tomatoes, from Hana) and went out for iced cream. She spent the night and we watched this really rad documentary about A Tribe Called Quest in bed. She dozed off but I did watch the whole thing. I love this song so much:

Cute, sweet.

I woke up this morning to the beautiful goddess vision that is Bobo:

So happy. My summer is made. Happy Birthday to Me.

But seriously: next Tuesday is my birthday, I will be celebrating with my birthday twin Jessica Paps, since we both have the same birthday of August 7th, which our other Birthday Twin Kristin Hersh informed me last year was the BIRTHDAY OF SECRETS. So we're going to celebrate together next Tuesday Night in Williamsburg. Do you want to come? Let me know and I will send you the invitation. But I mean, speaking of my birthday there's a bunch of stuff I want and I will post all of it soon. I do like wish lists.

Okay I'm happy today.

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