We All Tired

I love this song so much. I forgot how much I love this song. I say this all the time, and I mean it all the time, but this is my favorite song. My favorite song right now, I mean. An all-time favorite.

New Dress.

Friday night we Perfect Little Daniel and I had B0DYH1GH band practice, for our upcoming Halloween Gala show at CultureFIX next week. Playing the hits both new and old. It's such a pleasant surprise to sit down and think: "What songs should we play? What songs do we even have?" and then to remember, one by one, how many really fantastic songs we have and are going to play. I guess it is, like so much else, a matter of perspective. If you stick with anything long enough, eventually you either make enough stuff you start to feel proud of it, or you develop and hone the capacity to regard it as worthwhile. That is some general advice. For free! But specifically, with regard to B0DYH1GH, I've always been exceedingly proud of our output, because we're fucking great. Everyone who's come to any of our shows has been blown away, and it's hardly difficult to see why. So it's a double treat. Easy to get into and hard to get out of.

*As a reminder, kids, you can download B0DYH1GH's first myth-tape, "PRETTY BEAUTIFUL" over on EastVillageBoys.

After band practice PLD and his room mate Diego and I drank my favorite wine, Mateus. I used to drink it all the time in college, but haven't been able to find it in New York City in many years. There's a sort of bizarre liquor store right next to PLD's house, though (it seems like it used to be a movie theater and now it's a liquor store) and they have a bunch of Mateus for some reason. So whenever I go to PLD's I buy a bottle of it.

We were talking about Dusty Springfield, and how Dusty used to like to drink Mateus too, because it's very sweet, very pink, very fizzy, and you can make lampshade base out of the bottle and it'd look so cute. Those aren't the reasons I started drinking it in college though. It's also very, very cheap. Like $5 a bottle cheap. Drinking some on Friday, through, it wasn't so great. Maybe it's that the stock they have at the bizarro movie theater liquor store is old, or maybe my palette's been refined over the years (not likely) but it seemed pretty gross. Anyway, $5 is a fucking bargain.

After wine, we went to Nowhere Bar for the first installment of Spunk Fridays, the new dance/multimedia/performance party thrown by dear heart Aaron Tilford of Spunk Arts Magazine. It was way cute, and I got to see Joseph Keckler there and it was nice. I did kind of chill out early, though, like a little fucking baby.

finally it has happened to me right in front of my face my feelings can't describe it

Some new things I'm excited about are that I have two new stories which are just coming out right now!

First, I have a new short story called "WONDER" in the new issue of Birdsong!

You can get your copy by e-mailing BIRDSONG.

Also, I am so thrilled to have a new three-scene story I wrote, called "THREE" in this new arts magazine but together by Gio Black Peter and Christopher Stoddard:

ONLY 350 COPIES will be printed, numbered, finished by hand and signed in blood.
CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER NOW before they sell out, and receive your limited-edition copy on 12-12-12.

Edited by Gio Black Peter and Christopher Stoddard, featuring: Antonio Mingot, Blake Butler, Brian Kenny, Bruce Benderson, Bruce LaBruce, Carter Harrington, Christeene Vale, Christopher Stoddard, Daniel McKernan, Drrty Pharms, Edgar Retro, Felix Werbowy, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Gio Black Peter, Jackee Word, Jason Napoli Brooks, Jessica Yatrofsky, John Weinrich, Jordan Fox, Lee Adams, Lonely Christopher, Mason Chambers King, Matt Lambert, Max Steele, Maxwell Snow, Michael Alig, Micki Pellerano, Miguel Villalobos, Paul Gunn, Richard Kern, Shisa, Slava Mogutin, Sleazy, Stephan White, Susanne Oberbeck, Travis Jeppesen, Tyler Stone.

SATANICA Magazine Promo One from gio black peter on Vimeo.

So that's cute, huh? Here's a picture that dear heart Walter took of me the other night on our way to go out dancing.

I needed a haircut so bad! Don't worry, I got one the next day.

This past Saturday night, I was a go-go dancer with Nath Ann at the SPANK loft party in Bushwick, right down the street from my house. It was just too too too much fun. I can't even. So much fun. Here's a picture of us having so much fun, by Christopher Gagliardi. I basically never smile in photos FYI so this is rare. Remember it.

And then last night I hung out with my friend Marcus, who just got his Master's Degree that morning. We met up with Sister Pico to go see Jess Paps' band HEAVEN'S GATE perform in Brooklyn. They were so good! You can hear their music and see some shine they just got from Spin.

I'm gonna go grocery shopping and eat dinner before going to this Taylor Swift tribute show tonight. Saving the gym for tomorrow, so I can burn off my excitement before going to go see the High Priestess Chan Marshall.

Sometimes I like to pretend that Chan is short for Channifer.

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